16th E*5 KAIST (`20 Spring) – Online

KAIST Student Startup Support Program

E*5 KAIST (16th)

  • 18 Teams Participating

    Total of 78 participants

  • Duration

    2020. 4. 21 – 2020. 6. 19

  • Awards

    1 Grand Prize / 2 Awards of Excellence / 1 Special Prize / 1 Activity Award

Grand Prize


Award of Excellence

(2nd Prize)


Award of Excellence

(3rd Prize)

J.AI Labs

Special Prize


Activity Award

Mo Sunsaeng

  • Mentors

    16th Mentor Group

Yonggun Kim

Yonggun Kim


Bluepoint Partners VP

Hwaseong Jeon

Hwaseong Jeon



Ki-Jun Kim

Ki-Jun Kim


Kakao Ventures VP

Tae-Yeon Jeon

Tae-Yeon Jeon


BonAngels Venture Partners General Partner

  • E*5 Seniors

    Seniors who participated in E*5 KAIST

Jeungmin Oh (3rd E*5)

Jeungmin Oh (3rd E*5)

HayanMind Inc. CEO

Chang Gi Hong (8th E*5)

Chang Gi Hong (8th E*5)

H2K Inc. CEO

Howook Shin (13th E*5)

Howook Shin (13th E*5)

SelectStar Inc. CEO

  • Details

    Mission + Activity

Mission 1.
Business Model
Actualization and improving business ideas through establishing business modelsEducation (online): 4/21
Coaching (online): 4/22
Evaluation (online): 4/23
Conducted regularly
Mission 2.
Customer Discovery
Verification of idea commercialization through understanding and analyzing the target marketEducation (online): 4/28
Coaching (online): Done regularly
Evaluation (online): 5/21
Conducted regularly
Mission 3.
Pitch Deck
Establishing business ideas & Business overviewEducation (online): 5/26
Coaching (online): Done regularly
Evaluation (online): 6/19
Conducted regularly
MISSION FINAL 평가Overview PitchingFinal Evaluation (online) : 6/19Conducted regularly

Out of the 25 teams participating, 18 project teams were selected in the first mission. The selected teams then developed their ideas through each mission, which consisted of education, coaching, and evaluation by the mentors. Due to COVID-19, the 16th E*5 KAIST Program was conducted online, except for the final mission. During the Final Mission Evaluation, 12 teams subject to the final pitching visited Startup KAIST, and judges gave comments and evaluations through live streaming.

Mission Education

Mission Coaching (By Seniors)

Mission Evaluation

1 Mentor was assigned to educate for each mission, and 3 Seniors were assigned to coach the teams on a regular basis. After the education and coaching stages, teams were selected through evaluation to receive additional funding.





Field Trip


During the program, teams visited mentors (Mentoring), met with field experts to solve issues (Networking), visited startups (Field Trip), conducted marketing research (Research), and collaborated through activities and team meetings (Teamwork). All activities were uploaded and recorded on ‘CLASSUM’.

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