• Green Challenge?

    Green Challenge is a student project competition that focuses on the theme “Global Sustainability”.
    It will be held at DTU on June 28th, 2019 (Fri).

  • Green Challenge Schedule

    Document Submission Period -> Document Evaluation -> Presentation Evaluation -> Narrowing Down Project and Introductory Tutorial Sessions -> Participate in Green Challenge

  • Eligibility

    1. Individuals or teams (two people per each team) who are able to finish projects related to sustainability, environment, climate change, etc.
    2. KAIST  undergraduate and graduate students (*PhD candidates not allowed)

  • Number of Selected People

    Total 5 people (3 teams)

  • Submission Deadline

    April 22nd, 2019 (Mon)

  • Required Documents

    1. Application
    2. Project Abstract
    * Click on the link below to download and submit required documents

  • Provided Support

    Flight expenses, residential expenses, etc. (Flight is provided by Startup KAIST, residential fees are supported by DTU)

  • Contact Information

    • Startup KAIST Jiyoon Gil
    • itis_she@kaist.ac.kr
    • 042-350-6492
  • Idea/Project Examples

    Design of Water Purifying and Water Transporting “Worm-drum” Using Pectic and Activated Carbon Filter, Micro-hydro Power Plant on Himalaya, Parking Efficiency in a Mixed Environment of Automated and Manual Vehicles Towards Greener Cities, Dual Geodesic Dome, Eco Photo Printing , Wind Winder), Nature Battery, Measurement & Control of Personal Energy Consumption, Waste Management at Events, Inorganic Electrets for Energy Harvesting Devices