2021 KAIST Startup팅 일정 안내

2021년 February 25일/by MinHee Kim

Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk (2021) Schedule

2021년도 Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk 연간 Schedule 안내
2021년 February 23일/by 심해리

[실험실창업팀 공모] 2021년 과기부 실험실창업 지원사업 안내

2021년 February 23일/by 심해리

[Startup Interview] Communicate with plants. CEO of ‘Dearplants’, a data-based plant interaction service startup, Jeong Hye Kim

Today we will meet an award-winning team from 2020 Fall E*5 KAIST, ‘Dearplant’. Dearplant provides ‘Plity’, a service that allows communicating with plants using smartphones by detecting the surrounding environment (water, temperature, etc.) through IOT devices and the interaction between plants and objects.
2021년 February 22일/by 채원 김

2021 Open Venture Lab Program 참가자 모집

2021년 February 22일/by 심해리

Calling for E*5 KAIST Participants (2021 1st Half)

2021년 February 17일/by 채원 김

2021 상반기 Biotech KAIST Seminar Series (BioKASS) 개최 일정 안내 및 3월 강연 사전접수

KAIST 창업원의 새로운 세미나 시리즈, Biotech KAIST Seminar Series [BioKASS]
2021년 February 17일/by 심해리

KAIST Startup팅 X MINDsLab

2021년 February 15일/by MinHee Kim

Call for the proposal of 2021 KAIST End Run Project

2021 End Run Project
2021년 February 8일/by Jongsuk Lee

[Startup Interview] Kyungwon Oh, CEO of ‘CARILLON’, a company servicing ‘Legal Engine’ for legal professionals based on AI Legal Research

Carillon, winner of 2020 Fall E*5 KAIST, joins us for Startup Interview! Carillon provides a legal search service called ‘Legal Engine’ that helps legal professionals by digitalizing legal data based on AI. Carillon is a legal tech company that started with a lawyer and an engineer with its specialized machine learning technology. Let’s meet with CEO Kyungwon Oh.
2021년 February 8일/by 채원 김

Startup KAIST Studio Office Space Registration – 2021 Spring Semester

2021년 February 8일/by 심해리

「2021 농업 영상 AI 데이터」 활용 아이디어 해커톤 대회

2021년 February 5일/by 심해리

실험실창업페스티벌 「LAB STARTUP 2021」

2021년 February 5일/by 심해리

[데일리파트너스]바이오/헬스케어 전문 엑셀러레이팅 프로그램 D’LABS 3기 모집

2021년 February 5일/by 심해리

[블루포인트파트너스] The GS Challenge 액셀러레이팅 프로그램 안내

2021년 February 2일/by 심해리

[Startup Interview] Juhyuk Lee, CEO of ‘COSMOS’, a power exchange platform based on battery manufacturing technology

Today we will meet team COSMOS, winner of 2020 Fall E*5 KAIST! Team COSMOS hopes to build a global virtual power station based on a battery manufacturing technology by creating a power exchange platform that exchanges excess electricity.
2021년 January 28일/by 심해리

2021년도 ICT분야 창업·벤처 지원사업 통합설명회

2021년 January 28일/by 심해리

2020 E*5 KAIST Report

E*5 KAIST is a startup support program for KAIST students to provide practical training and commercialization of ideas and enhance entrepreneurship capabilities, leading to actual startups. Last year, due to COVID-19, the entire process of E*5 KAIST program was held online.
2021년 January 26일/by 심해리
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