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Hello everyone! This is Idea Factory.

Idea Factory will open ‘App Development Seminar’ in order to provide students and beginner makers a chance to learn about fundamental software theory and a chance to practice developing applications in a fast and efficient manner. We look forward to your interest 😀

※ Prototyping Seminar #5 – App Development Seminar (YouTube Channel)

1) Date and Time : May 3rd, 2019 at 4:30PM  Offline Kick-Off, online lectures open and updated every Friday in May

2) Venue : (Offline Kick-off) Academic Cultural Complex (E9) 3F IR Studio

3) Eligibility : Beginner makers who wish to develop their own application from scratch (individuals must be able to code in at least one programming language)

4) How to Register : Visit Idea Factory website ( – PROGRAMS – Prototyping Seminars – Register!

*The following registration is for Offline Kick-Off  lecture participants.

5) Notice

– All lectures will be uploaded to our Idea Factory KAIST  YouTube Channel (Ideafactory KAIST) . Lectures will be open to everyone!

– Sandwiches provided for Offline Kick-Off registrants!

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