August 2019 Startup Festival Graffiti Review

What is Startup?

What comes to your mind when you hear “startup”? To start, you probably started thinking about Google, Facebook, Kakao, Toss, Riiid, Market Kurly, etc.

We wonder about how their success and know-how, and we even conduct studies and analysis about their services and products.

But our organizing committee wanted to asked more fundamental questions:

‘What type of people become startup entrepreneurs?’

‘What moves them to establish a business?’

and so on.

And we decided exactly one year ago,

To inquire about “startup mentality” and “story,” and create an event that gives a glimpse into their footsteps.

Through this, we hope to circulate entrepreneurship and ‘startup’ culture to our local communities.

WHY GRAFFITI Startup Festival?

GRAFFITI Startup Festival is unique in that it deals with ‘startup mentality’, but the primary purpose is to shape the ‘societal atmosphere’.

Our society today has tendencies to emphasize and prioritize  ‘safe’ choices.

At GRAFFITI Startup Festival, we believe that we can challenge ourselves beyond this perception.

We want to stimulate a culture that encourages more challenging choices, and promote attention to the ‘WANT to do’ rather than ‘HAVE to do.


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