[Startup Interview] CEO Byung-hwan Lee of ‘SkyLabs’, a startup developing a ring type cardio monitoring platform CART-I that detects Atrial Fibrillation

The company we will meet today is SkyLabs, a startup developing an AI-based cardio monitoring platform CART-I. SkyLabs monitors atrial fibrillation through a ring-type cardio tracker CART-I, and provides services using stored data in the ring. As a global company collaborating with foreign countries like Germany, SkyLabs is expanding into a global healthcare company. Let’s meet CEO Byung-hwan Lee of SkyLabs!

[Startup Interview] CEO Jungyong Nam of ‘Eta Electronics’, a startup developing the next generation wireless power transfer solution ‘Eta-ON’

Today we will meet Eta Electronics, a company developing a solution for the next generation wireless power transfer technology. Eta Electronics was founded by 3 KAIST graduate students and is bringing innovation to wireless charging technology. Let’s meet CEO Jungyong Nam of Eta Electronics!

[Startup Interview] CEO Jaewoon Kim of ‘GSD’, a company developing a digital twin-based virtual data generation service ‘AUTODATA’

The team we will meet today is the winner of 2021 Spring E*5 KAIST, GSD. GSD is a team that generates virtual data for AI training based on digital twin technology. Let’s meet CEO Jaewoon Kim of GSD!

[Startup Interview] CEO Nohkyum Kyeong of Animal Industry Data Korea, a domestic livestock-tech startup developing the digital healthcare solution ‘Farmsplan’

The company we will meet today is Animal Industry Data Korea, a livestock-tech company providing the farmsplan service which supports systematic farm operation for livestock based on AI and biotechnology. Animal Industry Data Korea provides a solution to identify the status of livestock through AI to help the understaffed livestock industry. Let’s meet CEO Nohkyum Kyeong of Animal Industry Data Korea!

[Startup Interview] CEO Sung Woon Lee of ‘RevoSketch’, a startup company developing digital PCR technology to provide early cancer screening service

CEO Sung Woon Lee of RevoSketch, a company that help researchers to detect early cancer and other diseases by detecting genes, joined us today. CEO Lee is known to be a serial entrepreneur, because he started 4 new businesses. RevoSketch, the company he is currently at, utilizes a digital PCR technology to conquer cancer. Let’s meet CEO Sung Woon Lee of RevoSketch!
공동창업자 (홍창기 대표_김우현 이사)

[Startup Interview] CEO Changki Hong of “H2K”, a startup founded by two Ph.D.s students servicing a Hangul education application ‘Sojung Hangeul’

The company we will meet today is H2K, a company servicing an AI-based Hangul application called ‘Sojung Hangeul’ for children with dyslexia. H2K is progressing Korean phonics education by developing a sound-oriented Hangul education application. Let’s meet CEO Changki Hong of H2K, one of the two co-founders of H2K from KAIST.

[Startup Interview] CTO Tae-Ho Kim of “Nota”, an On-device AI company based on deep learning model compression technology

Today we will meet CTO Tae-Ho Kim of Nota, a company with a motto of creating a convenient world using AI. The AI model compression technology developed by Nota supports a variety of products, and is cost and time-efficient for product and service development. Through an automatic AI compression platform called NetsPresso, Nota expands into a business utilizing AI and compression solutions. Let’s meet CTO Tae-Ho Kim of Nota!

[Startup Interview] CEO of Waddle, a startup developing ‘Sori Market’, an AI-based barrier-free shopping platform for blind people, Jihyuk Park

Today we will meet the CEO Jihyuk Park of Waddle, a student startup awarded with the special prize in the 12th E*5 KAIST. Waddle develops ‘Sori Market’ that converts image data into audio so blind people can also shop online. Let’s meet CEO Jihyuk Park of Waddle!

[Startup Interview] CEO Gwak Kiuk of “bHaptics”, a CES2021 recognized company developing VR/AR haptic suits, TactSuit

The company we will meet today is bHaptics, the company who won the ‘CES 2021 Innovation Award’ for its haptic suit called Tactsuit X40 at CES 2021. bHaptics innovated the VR industry after developing the next generation haptic suit by combining VR and the sense of touch, and is well-known abroad. Let’s meet CEO Gwak Kiuk of bHaptics!

[Startup Interview] CEO Changhak Yeon of “Block Odyssey”, a company developing an integrated logistics platform using blockchain, data, and unique QR code technology

After graduating K-School and creating a Student Startup, CEO Changhak Yeon of Block Odyssey wishes to establish a Startup Learning Center to support startups by the younger generation. Block Odyssey is a logistics blockchain startup that develops the ‘Digital Signature Inserting QR Code’ technology to safely share data and creates an integrated logistics platform. Let’s meet CEO Yeon of Block Odyssey!

[Startup Interview] Professor Young Seok Ju of ‘GENOMEinSIGHT’, a company of experts in cancer genome and whole-genome fields

Today we will meet a ‘GENOMEinSIGHT’, a faculty startup started by Professor Young Seok Ju. GENOMEinSIGHT is a whole-genome big data company that was created by Professor Young Seok Ju, well-known in the cancer genome and whole-genome fields, in the KAIST Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering. Professor Ju is opening the path for using genetic big data in the development of new drugs.


KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP MAP is updated to v 1.7. This map is created based on new KAIST-born startups entering TIPS during August ~November 2020. Please refer to the map above. 12 startups were added in this map, accounting for about 16% of all KAIST-TIPS startups.
0223_KAIST Student Map v 1.2.1

KAIST Student Startup Map V 1.2.1

KAIST Student Startup Map is updated v 1.2.1. This map is updated by adding new registered startups.

[Startup Interview] Communicate with plants. CEO of ‘Dearplants’, a data-based plant interaction service startup, Jeong Hye Kim

Today we will meet an award-winning team from 2020 Fall E*5 KAIST, ‘Dearplant’. Dearplant provides ‘Plity’, a service that allows communicating with plants using smartphones by detecting the surrounding environment (water, temperature, etc.) through IOT devices and the interaction between plants and objects.

[Startup Interview] Kyungwon Oh, CEO of ‘CARILLON’, a company servicing ‘Legal Engine’ for legal professionals based on AI Legal Research

Carillon, winner of 2020 Fall E*5 KAIST, joins us for Startup Interview! Carillon provides a legal search service called ‘Legal Engine’ that helps legal professionals by digitalizing legal data based on AI. Carillon is a legal tech company that started with a lawyer and an engineer with its specialized machine learning technology. Let’s meet with CEO Kyungwon Oh.

[Startup Interview] Juhyuk Lee, CEO of ‘COSMOS’, a power exchange platform based on battery manufacturing technology

Today we will meet team COSMOS, winner of 2020 Fall E*5 KAIST! Team COSMOS hopes to build a global virtual power station based on a battery manufacturing technology by creating a power exchange platform that exchanges excess electricity.
0114_KAIST Student Startup Map v 1.2

KAIST Student Startup Map V 1.2

KAIST Student Startup Map has been updated based on the data researched by Startup KAIST with 19 new Student Startups, including teams from E*5 KAIST and E*5 LabStartup KAIST from 2019 Fall to 2020.
1223_KAIST Faculty Startup Map v 1.2

KAIST Faculty Startup Map v 1.2

2020 KAIST Faculty Startup Map is updated with 3 new faculty startups - 'HITS' of Department of Chemistry Professor Woo Youn Kim, 'Daim Research' of Department of Industrial and System Engineering Professor Young Jae Jang, and 'FLUIZ' of School of Computing Professor Insik Shin