Calling for E*5 KAIST Participants (2019 2nd Half)


KAIST’s Representative Startup Program E*5 KAIST – You could be the Winner!

  • Summary

    [Track A]  Idea-based Startup – Ideation, Validation and Support

    [Track B] Research-based Startup – Research subjects showing promising potentials for commercialization

    • Click “Track Comparison Chart” below to see details
  • Eligibility

    [Track A] Team or individual with at least one KAIST student currently enrolled or on leave of absence

    [Track B] Research project-possessing team or individual with at least one KAIST student currently enrolled or on leave of absence

    [Ineligibility Criteria]

    • Business license registration date must not exceed one year from the program start date (9/20)
    • Maximum of 4 times participation allowed in E*5 KAIST
    • Past E*5 KAIST ideas cannot reenter
    • Participants previously awarded Best Team or Excellent Team in E*5 KAIST are not eligible to apply (Special Prize winner can reapply)
  • Suppor (applicable for Track A/B)

    • Education, mentoring, funding, space, etc.
    • Mentors: Dedicated mentors who are investors and experts of Korea’s leading startups  (mentor-menty matching)
    • Mentor Group: CNT Tech, Kakao Ventures, Bon Angels Venture Partners, Blue Point Partners, Big Basin Capital
    • Financial Support: Startup activity support and additional fund for missions
    • Final Prize: Up to 10 million Won for grand prize winner
  • How to Apply (applicable to both Track A/B)

    [Application Period] August 19, 2019 (Mon) ~ September 5, 2019 (Thursday) 23:59

    Click on “Download Application and Apply (Click)” Tab > Download Application > Click on “Apply” tab and fill out the online template for submission

  • Schedule (applicable to both Track A/B) - Important!!

    [Application Evaluation] September 6th (Friday) ~ September 10th (Tuesday)

    [Evaluation Results] September 11th (Wednesday)

    [Business Model Camp] 9/20~9/21 Total of 18 final participants are selected at Camp (Cheonan) 

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