Calling for Startup KAIST Director Position Applications

We are looking for a new Director of Startup KAIST who can execute the Entrepreneurial University Vision 2031 and continue to promote startup culture and progression of Startup KAIST.

■ Position : Startup KAIST Director (concurrent with K-School Director position)

■ Accepting Applications for : One Director, Visiting Professor (Full-Time/Executive Level)

■ Job Description 

◦ Create a startup ecosystem at KAIST that promotes a cycle of startup launching, growth, create revenue, do-over, etc.  for technology-based startups.

◦ Lead operations of K-School to foster a challenging environment and culture for entrepreneurs.

■ Requirements

◦ Applicant must actively carry out the mission to develop entrepreneurial school presented in KAIST Vision 2031.

◦ Applicant must have experience launching, operating, growing and supporting a startup.

◦ Applicant must have a PhD degree or higher.

■ Disqualification criteria

◦ A person who falls under any of subparagraphs of Article 33 of the Civil Service Act

◦ A person whose citizenship is suspended or deprived by law 

◦ A person who is determined to be disqualified for employment

◦ A person who did not serve mandatory military duty

◦ A person who receives an order for employment restriction pursuant to Article 56 of the Sexual Protection of Children and Adolescents Act

■ Application Process

◦ Round 1 : Faculty Committee’s Application Review (3 or less Applicants Selected)

◦ Round 2 : Interview (3 or less Applicants) and Startup KAIST Faculty Committee Deliberation (One Applicant Selected)

◦ Round 3 : Final Decision after deliberation by Faculty Committee

※ Applicants will be contacted directly if admitted at each stage.

■ Contract Period : At least 2 years, re-appointment is possible

◦  Contract will start March 1, 2020.

■ Required Documents

◦ Application (Application Form, including major achievements and work plan proposal)

◦ Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information (Application Form) 

 Application Submission Period : October 7, 2019 (Monday) ~ October 21, 2019 (Monday), 17:00

※ All documents, including the application form, will only be accepted by email, and must be received by 17:00 on Oct. 21st.

■ Submission : Email (Submit to:

■ Others

◦ Please be careful as to not reveal direct or indirect information that may lead to prejudice when reviewing employment applications and other documents.

※ Association with College/Graduate School, Hometown, Physical features (photo, physical conditions), Family ties, Age, etc.

◦ If you are not qualified, then you may not be invited for further candidacy review.

◦ Submitted application form and documents will not be returned, and will only be used for candidacy review.

◦ If any information in the application form and documents are inaccurate, the appointment may be cancelled. 

1. Startup KAIST Director Application Announcement File

2. KAIST Part-time Staff Application File

◦ Please contact Startup KAIST Office (T. 042-350-6463) for all inquiries.

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