2020 E*5 LabStartup Program

Notice of 2020 E*5 LabStartup Program

We announce the 2020 E*5 LabStartup for the research-based startup items with high potential for commercialization as follows.

What is E*5 LabStartup?

  • Lab-based startup audition program for intensive development and support of laboratory research-based items.
  • Mission and mentoring for promoting commercialization.


  • Title: E*5 LabStartup Program
  • SupportingFunding: Prize support for each mission pass teamMentoring: Regular/always advisoryEtc: startup spaces and KAIST angel funding supporting
  • ActivitiesMissions: 3 step mission(Boot Camp, Sub Mission, Final Mission)Mentoring: Formal and informal mentoring

Eligibility for Application

KAIST faculty and students

  • But, project manager is limited to KAIST student members.

Assignment Period

2020. May ~ 2020. November (7 month)

How to apply


  • Division of Startup Support
  • startup@kaist.ac.kr, EXT. 6491

Startup KAIST Studio Office Space Instructions – 2020 First Semester


    • Office space and seating assignment for startup teams for startup activities. (Not intended for Inc. address registration or corporate establishment purposes)
    • Location : W8 2nd Floor Startup KAIST Studio Ⅱ
  • Usage Time Frame

    • Feb 10, 2020 (Mon) ~ July 24, 2020 (Fri) (24-hour use available)
  • Application Period

    • Jan. 20(Mon) ~ Jan. 31(Fri)
    • Selection Announced Feb. 5(Wed)
  • Who can apply?

    • Team of 2 or more KAIST students who are currently enrolled or on a leave of absence
  • How to apply?

    • Download application and submit via email to ts.lim@kaist.ac.kr
  • Selection Method

    • Up to 20 Teams selected팀 내외 선발
    • Team with 4 members (2 Desks, 4 Chairs, 1 Cabinet, 1 Whiteboard will be provided)
    • Team with over 4 members will be considered as 2 teams
    • Team with less than 4 members may be assigned with another team
  • Selection Criteria

    • Order of priority (explained further in attached file)
    • If needed, internal interviews may be considered
  • Questions?

    • Startup KAIST 042-350-6493 / ts.lim@kaist.ac.kr
  • Note

    • Seat assignment will be made at discretion of Startup KAIST
    • Access to office may be limited during important Startup KAIST events
    • Underusage may lead to request to vacate the office space (based on random inspection visits)

Lab Startup Festival 2020

Labs that research startups?

Research lab startup teams’ exhibitions and IR pitching session… and prizes!

You can enjoy all this at the ‘Lab Startup Festival 2020’ by registering before the event.

We hope to see you there!

  • Event


  • Time & Location

    Jan 21, 2020 (Tues) 14:30 ~ 17:00

    • Bus leaves from KAIST W8 at 11:30AM
    • Lunch is provided
  • Event Location

    Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

    Exhibition Hall 2

  • Details

    Startup exhibition and presentations, talk concert, events, etc.

  • Sponsored by

    Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT) / National Research Foundation of Korea, Korea Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation

  • Note

    Photographs will be taken at the event, and it is required that all participants sign a waiver to consent to be photographed and those photographs to be published.

Calling for Startup KAIST Director Position Applications

We are looking for a new Director of Startup KAIST who can execute the Entrepreneurial University Vision 2031 and continue to promote startup culture and progression of Startup KAIST.

■ Position : Startup KAIST Director (concurrent with K-School Director position)

■ Accepting Applications for : One Director, Visiting Professor (Full-Time/Executive Level)

■ Job Description 

◦ Create a startup ecosystem at KAIST that promotes a cycle of startup launching, growth, create revenue, do-over, etc.  for technology-based startups.

◦ Lead operations of K-School to foster a challenging environment and culture for entrepreneurs.

■ Requirements

◦ Applicant must actively carry out the mission to develop entrepreneurial school presented in KAIST Vision 2031.

◦ Applicant must have experience launching, operating, growing and supporting a startup.

◦ Applicant must have a PhD degree or higher.

■ Disqualification criteria

◦ A person who falls under any of subparagraphs of Article 33 of the Civil Service Act

◦ A person whose citizenship is suspended or deprived by law 

◦ A person who is determined to be disqualified for employment

◦ A person who did not serve mandatory military duty

◦ A person who receives an order for employment restriction pursuant to Article 56 of the Sexual Protection of Children and Adolescents Act

■ Application Process

◦ Round 1 : Faculty Committee’s Application Review (3 or less Applicants Selected)

◦ Round 2 : Interview (3 or less Applicants) and Startup KAIST Faculty Committee Deliberation (One Applicant Selected)

◦ Round 3 : Final Decision after deliberation by Faculty Committee

※ Applicants will be contacted directly if admitted at each stage.

■ Contract Period : At least 2 years, re-appointment is possible

◦  Contract will start March 1, 2020.

■ Required Documents

◦ Application (Application Form, including major achievements and work plan proposal)

◦ Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information (Application Form) 

 Application Submission Period : October 7, 2019 (Monday) ~ October 21, 2019 (Monday), 17:00

※ All documents, including the application form, will only be accepted by email, and must be received by 17:00 on Oct. 21st.

■ Submission : Email (Submit to: jhlee10@kaist.ac.kr)

■ Others

◦ Please be careful as to not reveal direct or indirect information that may lead to prejudice when reviewing employment applications and other documents.

※ Association with College/Graduate School, Hometown, Physical features (photo, physical conditions), Family ties, Age, etc.

◦ If you are not qualified, then you may not be invited for further candidacy review.

◦ Submitted application form and documents will not be returned, and will only be used for candidacy review.

◦ If any information in the application form and documents are inaccurate, the appointment may be cancelled. 

1. Startup KAIST Director Application Announcement File

2. KAIST Part-time Staff Application File

◦ Please contact Startup KAIST Office (T. 042-350-6463) for all inquiries.

2019 KAIST TECH DAY(Preview)

KAIST Startup-ting x Buzzvil Registration


On the day of the Startup-Ting, Buzzville CEO Lee Kwan-woo’s Lunch talk “The Challenges to Change the World with My Own Ideas from Little Inventor to Young Entrepreneur” will be held at the same place(9/24, 12:00). Please note that two events for Lunch Talk and Startup-Ting are applied via separate links.       * You only can register the Startup-Ting with above link.

  • Time & Location

    September 24, 2019 Tuesday 18:00~20:00, KAIST W8 1 Floor Startup Studio

  • Who can register?

    Currently enrolled & graduated KAIST students (Master’s and PhD also welcome) 

  • Questions?

    • (Phone) 031-739-7171,7173
    • (Email) startup_pangyo@kaist.ac.kr

Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk (Sep-2nd Week)

Sep. 24th(Tue) 12:00~13:00
*Online registration mandatory (120 seats available)

Professor Minhwa Lee Memorial Service

  • Registration

    On-site Registration

    ※ First-come-first serve seating

  • Questions

    Startup KAIST : T. 042-350-6491, E. suky@kaist.ac.kr