2016 Season 2 “Don’t be a Chicken, Just Start!” Startup School Online @ KAIST

You can take the classes of Korea’s number 1 startup school “Don’t be a Chicken, Just Start!” online for free. The lecture will be livestreamed by Seoul Maru 180 and KAIST.

Presenting the speakers for Korea’s best startup talk show, “Don’t be a chicken, Just Start!”

CEO Eun-kang Song (Capstone Partners), CEO Hee-woo Lee (Cognitive Investment), CEO Taek-kyung Lee (Co-founder of DAUM, Mashup Angels), Joong-hee Ryu (Founder of Olaworks, FuturePlay), Dr. Jae-seon Han (NexR Exit, CTO of FuturePlay), CEO Yoon-jeong Min, (Early member of DAUM, Konolabs), CEO Tae-yoon Roh (Digital Frog), CEO Hyuk-tae Kwon (Coolidge Corner Investment)

Lecture Curriculum

#1 (9/19) Hee-woo Lee: “Why do you do startup? Between the vision and postponed life plan”

#2 (9/26) Joong-hee Ryu: “Business plan and pitching that impress investors”

#3 (10/10) Taek-kyung Lee: “Essentials, preparation, and execution of Investment pitch”

#4 (10/17) Eun-Kang Song: “How to build a healthy organization and learning from failure”

#5 (10/24) Jae-seon Han: “Strategies for Tech-based Startups and how startups utilize technology”

#6 (10/31) Yoon-Jeong Min: “Developing a real product and Data-Driven marketing”

#7 (11/7) Tae-yoon Roh: “Management of personnel/organization/budget/cash flow for startup”

#8 (11/14) Ho-seok Chung: “Easy Legal guide for Startups: From establishment/shares to Investment pitch”

#9 (11/21) Hyuk-tae Kwon: “M&A Strategy for Startup”

#10 (11/28) Hee-woo Lee: “Evaluating Startup’s value and Negotiation strategy”

Lecture Duration: 7:30 PM~9:30 PM (90 min. lecture + 30 min. Q&A)

Supported by: Asan Foundation Maru 180, OnOffMix

“Don’t be a chicken, Just Startup!” Startup School is presented by Seoul Maru 180. (Detail: http://onoffmix.com/event/77237) For this season, KAIST will provide livestream. You can take the lecture at KAIST Startup Studio at KAIST. We look forward your participation.

If there are many participants, then we will select those who can take the entire lecture series first. Then the rest will be first-come-first-served basis.

Deadline: 24:00 Sep. 18, 2016

Lecture Venue: 3rd floor, Startup KAIST studio (W8), KAIST

Registration: goo.gl/sOfozQ



Startup Club Recruit

We are looking for Startup Club that will bring Entrepreneurship-friendly atmosphere to KAIST.

  • Financial Support: Activity Support Fund – \1 million, Entrepreneurship cultivation project fund \5 million
  • Qualification: Group of 3 or more current KAIST students, Have ideas to cultivate entrepreneurship within the Campus
  • Application Deadline: Mar. 27, 2016(Sun)
  • Application Forms: Application form for Startup Club/ Request the form from MQLEE@kaist.ac.kr.
  • Q&A and application submission: Mingyu Lee at Startup Studio KAIST (MQLEE@kaist.ac.kr, 042-350-6492)




2016 Freshmen Startup Camp Recruit

Meet Startup KAIST

For the last 40 years, KAIST has been leading the nation’s science and technology industry by educating outstanding individuals, doing fundamental/application research, and cooperating with the industries.
Many alumni of KAIST have significantly contributed to the academia, research and development, and industries. 1% of our alumni have established corporations such as Naver, Nexon, and Neowiz and thereby taking the innovation of human society to another level.
This program seeks to enlighten the freshmen of KAIST with a new challenge of startup. Further, we would like to promote entrepreneurship within you as you will be leaders of next generation.


■ Event: 1% Camp for KAIST freshmen
■ Date: Friday March 25, 2016
■ Venue: KAIST W8 (Startup KAIST Studio)
■ For: about 40 KAIST freshmen


13:00-13:30   Opening

13:30-15:00   Special Lecture

15:00-16:00   Seniors` Story

16:00-20:00   Team Project

20:00-21:00   Presentation

Green Challenge 2016

We are recruit students who will participate in the contest. Contest Theme is Global Sustainability.

  • Eligibility: KAIST Undergraduate/Master’s Course students
  • Qualification: Individual or Team with ideas on sustainability, environment, or climate
  • Number of students: 5
  • Financial Support: Itinerary and accommodation
  • Deadline: 2016 March 23
  • Apply at:
  • Q&A: Mingyu Lee, Startup Studio KAIST
  • Contest Period: 2016 June 21 ~ 24
  • Venue: DTU (Copenhagen, Denmark)