2017 Performance Marketing Edu-Camp Review

2017 Performance Marketing Edu-Camp Review

  • Date

    August 7th (Mon) ~ August 21st (Mon)

  • Location

    Startup KAIST Pangyo Center

Review of Edu-Camp that was held from August 7th to August 21st (total of 3 weeks)!! Here we go! 😚

The camp successfully ended with 9 teams!! that were selected by the mentors.😄😄

On the first day, the camp started with a lecture given by manager Sanghyun Kim, team leader Jihyun Kim, and AB180 representative Seongpil Nam.😎

The lecture began with the topic Digital Marketing 101. There is a measurement index critical in startup marketing 😯 and that is AARRR. It sounds like some kind of code, but it is a frame, developed by Dave McClaire, that utilizes a 5-step analysis method.✌ Where are we now in this 5-step frame?🤔🤔

Sanghyun Kim mentor also provided an explanation about Google Analytics and UTM Tagging. He emphasized that early startups should install Google Analytics and UTM Tagging so that they are able to understand the traffic flow and create an efficient customized strategy based on traffic data.😙

The second lecture on contents marketing was given by Jihyun Kim.

She told us about the story behind how she gained the nickname “ca-man-nyeo” (girl who makes cards) and how she came to run a forum about making card-news and colorful PPTs. She said that at first, it was not a content for making card-news and she went through many failures. After numerous attempts, the tool for making card-news became a representative item for tyle. She sought her own item in order to survive among developers.🙈

Card-news now became one of the best products of tyle. A natural, yet not easy to put into action, contents marketing strategy. Spreading the word and making people participate.🙊 We believe that those factors are part of the essence of marketing.❤

The final lecture of the first day was given by representative Seongpil Nam from AB180 about mobile applications and marketing achievement analysis. It is easy to track web flow, but hard to track the flow pathway for mobile applications. In order to solve the problem, Airbridge was developed. He mentioned that through the contribution analysis tool that takes the characteristics of applications into consideration, Airbridge is able to track mobile application flow pathway.😃

That was the end of the first day lectures! Next, there was some free time for the 4 mentors and 9 teams to have a mentoring and coaching session. How are the 9 teams going to look like after 2 weeks of time to improve and develop their skills? 👦👧

The final day has come. On the last day, there was a lecture given by Wooseok Seo mentor and final team presentations.😘

General manager Wooseok Seo first gave a magnificent lecture about gross hacking. He defined gross hacking as a practical way and a plan for startups that aims to grow by securing a group of customers. He emphasized once again about the importance of AARRR and said that we should think about how and where to expose/advertise a certain product.👍👍

And now for the team presentations.☺

We could clearly see an improvement in the teams.✌✌ Some teams achieved their best sales through an increase in the number of shares, likes and views by identifying and solving their problems.💡 It was a chance for the teams to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and improve. Well done!😘😘

We got some feedback from the participating teams after the program. Many participants wished that there were more opportunities for startup education and were satisfied with the program overall. Mentors commented that they learned a lot from the teams as well.😍😍

Thank you for your interest in Startup KAIST Pangyo Center. We hope to see your active participation, enthusiasm and passion towards our future startup education programs.🙇

3rd K-NEST Camp Winners Announced


February 22nd, 2017 10:00-15:00


KAIST/Daejeon Shinhyup Training Insitute/(Old) Chungnam Provincial Office


15 teams that were selected during the first round


Based on entrepreneurship, adolescents worked to find solutions to Daejeon’s local community issues

Investigating local community issues and finding potentially successful models through innovative ideas proposed by adolescents that will eventually improve Daejeon

  • Topic
  • Warm Daejeon (RED)
  • Exciting Daejeon (GREEN)
  • Caring Daejeon (BLUE)
  • Assignment
  • How to Make Daejeon a Warm Place for Everyone Based on Technology
  • How Trams can be Linked and Utilized to Add Value to Tourism
  • Ways to Revive Old Downtown Areas
Evaluation Results
Grand Prize (1 Team)Remodeling Donated Baby Carriages to Help the Elderly/FundedSeong Jin Bae(Hongik University Department of Urban Engineering), Ho Seung Song(Hongik University Department of Urban Engineering), Tae Hun Lee(Hongik University Department of Civil Engineering)
Runner-Up Prize(1 Team)Idea that Utilizes the Wall Surfaces of 36 Entrances in Underground Shopping Complex at Eunhaeng-dongByeong Hoo Park(Seoul National University Department of Mathematics Education/Business Venture and Entrepreneurship Management), Jun Beom Heo(Inha University Department of Computer Science), Hyun Wang Lee(Woosuk University Department of Oriental Medicine)
Participation Prize(1 Team)Building Indoor Farms Using Empty Space in Old Downtown AreasYu Jin Choi(Jungang University Double Major in Department of Urban Planning and Real Estate and Department of Urban Engineering), Yong Min Lee(Korea University of Technology and Education School of Architectural Engineering Undergraduate), Kyu Young Oh(Chungnam University School of Business Management)

“3rd K-NEST CAMP” has finally ended with the announcement of the final winners!
This camp focused on the topic of ‘Warm Daejeon, Exciting Daejeon, Caring Daejeon’ and was successfully held with over 100 local adolescent participants.
Out of 35 innovative ideas that were proposed during the camp, “Remodeling Donated Baby Carriages to Help the Elderly” idea won the Grand Prize.

Tech Meet up with Amazon

Tech Meet up with Amazon

  • Time

    February 23rd, 2017 (Thurs)  17:00 ~ 21:00

  • Location

    Institue for Startup KAIST Pangyo Center

    + (Daejeon Live Broadcast) KAIST W8, Startup KAIST Studio

  • Participants

    Startup, Pre-Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, Students, etc. / Pangyo: 62 Participants, Daejeon: 20 Participants

  • Event Details

    • Deliver information about technological trends real-life business through lectures and discussions about topics such as Amazon’s innovation culture, AWS AI, and Chatbot

    • Provide time for networking among people from a variety of different businesses, promote growth of venture business ecosystem and business community growth through the enhancement of mutual exchange

Lecturer and Lecture Topic

Introduction to Amazon’s Innovation Culture and Web Services
Kyeong Hun No Business Development Manager(Amazon Web Services Korea)
Example of Amazon.com’s AI Utilization and Introduction to AWS AI/Chatbot Service
Jeong Wok Choi Solutions Architect (Amazon Web Services Korea)

Pangyo Center held a Tech Meet up with Amazon Event on February 23rd, 2017. Two experts currently working in Amazon Web Services Korea gave a talk on AI, a topic that became popular worldwide 🙂  Amazon’s Innovation Culture and even Chatbot, Alexa! Also, vice-president Seong Jun Park from MindLab attended the event. The discussions and Q&A sessions became much more meaningful for everyone thanks to the vice-president 🙂

+ It was broadcast ‘live’ in Daejeon! Students came together and showed their passion!


Startup KAIST Studio 2 Opening Ceremony

Startup KAIST Studio 2 Opening Ceremony




September 30, 2016 / 10:00 – 13:30


Startup KAIST Studio(W8), Startup Village(W5-2)


President, Provost, Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, etc.


Startup Studio II (W8)

  • June 2, Decision made
  • September 30, Building plan made
  • December 15, Construction began
  • September 2, Access available to Studio II

Startup Village(W5-2)

  • June 16, Remodeling began
  • September 1, Occupants’ Check-in


1st floor: 440.64 ㎡
2nd floor: 456.34 ㎡
3rd floor: 469.80 ㎡
Other part: 70.20 ㎡
Total: 1,433,98 ㎡


  • Time
  • 09:20~09:45
  • 09:45~10:00
  • 10:00~10:10
  • 10:10~10:25
  • 10:25~10:35
  • 10:35~10:45
  • 10:45~11:05
  • 11:05~11:10
  • 11:10~12:00
  • 12:00~13:00
  • To – Do
  • Registration
  • Move to Startup Village
  • Startup Village Tape-Cutting
  • Startup Village Tour
  • Move to Startup KAIST Studio
  • Startup KAIST II Tape-Cutting
  • Startup KAIST II Tour
  • Move to 3rd floor of Studio I
  • Axel-K Demoday
  • Lunch
  • Place
  • W8,1F
  • W8 -> W5-2
  • W5-2
  • W5-2
  • W5-2 ->W8
  • W8, 2관
  • W8, 1관
  • W8, 2관
  • W8 , 1관, 3F
  • W8 , 1관, 3F

Startup KAIST는 창업을 꿈꾸거나 준비하는 KAIST 구성원들을 위한 Co-Working Space 입니다. 네트워킹하고 함께 일하며 지식과 영감을 공유하는 커뮤니티 공간이며, 협력을 원하는 사람들에게는 협업의 기회를, 좋은 벤처를 만들고 성장시켜 긍정적인 영향력을 만들고자 하는 기업가들에게는 자원과 역량 개발의 기회를 제공함으로써, 전체 사회의 변화를 이끌어 낼 수 있도록 하는 곳입니다.

KAIST 창업원은 창업공간 확장 및 창업팀들의 주거공간 집중을 통한 창업활성화 유도를 위해 지난 육 개월 동안 Startup KAIST Studio 2관 신축 및 Startup Village 리모델링을 진행하였습니다. 이에 2016년 9월 30일 총장, 교학부총장, 연구부총장, 대외부총장, 각 처장 및 행정 부서장, 교수, 학생 등 교내 관계자  156여명을 모시고 새로운 시작을 알리는 개관식 행사를 가졌습니다.

# 9시 20분) Regitration일정에 따라  주요 내빈들께서 W8, Startup KAIST Studio로 모여주시기 시작하셨습니다.

119a4149-300x200 119a3498-300x200 119a3507-300x200

# 10시)  W5-2이동하여  Startup Village Tape-Cutting Ceremony, Startup Village 투어 시간을 가졌습니다.

119a4132-300x200 119a3576-300x200 119a3637-300x200

# 10시 35분) W8로 돌아와 식수식 및 Startup KAIST Studio 2관 테이프 커팅식을 진행하였습니다.
Startup KAIST Studio 2 Opening Ceremony 행사에는 화학과 도영규 명예교수님께서 함께해주셨습니다.

119a4156-300x200 119a3695-300x200


119a3754-1-300x200 119a3765-300x200

# 10시 45분) 1층 시제품 설명을 시작으로  Startup KAIST Studio 2관 투어가 진행되었습니다.

119a3806-300x200 119a3808-300x200


119a4174-300x200 119a3858-300x200

# 11시 10분) Pre-Accelerator 프로그램 Axel-K Demoday 가 진행되었고 점심 뷔페를 끝으로 개관식 행사는 무사히 종료되었습니다.

119a3897-300x200 119a3911-300x200


119a4045-300x200 119a4047-300x200
  119a4084-300x200 119a4095-300x200


8th E*5 KAIST (2016 First Semester)

2 Number of startups incorporated

3 Number of patents issued

4 Number of full-time mentors for the program

5 Number of pivoting team items

7 Number of teams with a complete prototype

22 Number of startup investors/experts who visited KAIST for E*5 program

100 Mission Success Percentage

41,000,000 Amount of financial support for the startup incorporation & activities

See everything that happened during the 64 days of 8th E*5 KAIST program. Twelve teams, 44 people have participated!

2016.04.05 ~ 2016.06.07

W8 B/D 3F Startup KAIST Studio


Director Lee, Jung-tae

Professor Lee, Young-il

CTO Han, Jae-seon

CEO Jeon, Hwa-seong


Bluepoint Partners Team

Park, Jae-il

Devsisters Corp Team Leader

Lee, Sang-hyub

Beyond Cheil

Chang, Seon-hyang


Choi, Yoon-yi



Carrying out missions







Outstanding Teams


Outstanding Activity Performances

  • Award
  • Grand Prize
  • Runner Up
  • Outstanding Activity
  • Prize
  • 15,000,000 won
    (incorporation fee)
  • 10,000,000 won
    (incorporation fee)
  • 1,000,000 won
  • remarks
  • ISK Award
  • Support Team Award
  • Outstanding Activity

45 delegates from 26 univ. participated in the KAIST International Entrepreneurship Summit

It was held from June 27 to July 3 at Startup KAIST Studio, South Korea. This summit was initiated and cohosted by Institute for Startup KAIST and a Startup Club named BizWorld KAIST. While taking part in this program, students became familiar with the essential concepts relevant to entrepreneurship and had chance to think innovation in the field of education. They said they had a great experience of learning and networking with other brilliant people.

  • Date: June 27 – July 3
  • Venue: Startup KAIST Studio, South Korea
  • Participants: 45 delegates from 26 university
  • Idea
  • Unicon: Networking platform
  • LUNA: Student E-mental healthcare
  • Compaschool: Connecting parents and schools
  • Reflect: Question management platform
  • COURSEJOY: Course management platform
  • NiceCareer: Career path solution
  • Dream Lab: Lab search platform
  • GRANNI: An intelligent digital assistant for busy parent
  • Simu: Simulation S/W for education
  • Umem: Study solution using neuroscience
  • Team Members
  • Alejandrina, Antoine, Mun Qwan, Wonsik, Swaroop
  • Zuwei, Dara, Nori, Sohyeong, Seongsoo
  • Sihoon, Qiaotingting, Thu Trang, Olzhas, Andreas
  • Vitou Phy, Keila Elvia, Wong Man, Jurgis Vosulius
  • Dinh Trong, Sobhita, Lau Hio Lam, Su Dawei
  • Dipankar, Tina Huang, Alexander
  • Yeskendir, Zhao Yiting, Martinus, Anh Quynh
  • Heng Sok, Raphael, Yernazar, Zhang, Bui Nhu
  • Lyheng, Vu Ngoc, Kwangho, Ardina, Chen Lei
  • Nguyen, Clifton, Chuang, Donghoon, Christian

Axel-K 1기 Boot Camp

Axel-K 1st Boot Camp

  • Date

    2016 Aug. 8th ~ 11th (4 days)

  • Venue

    Startup KAIST Studio, 3rd floor Bldg. W8, KAIST

  • Participants

    4 teams selected for the 1st Axel-K

Axel-K, our program to establish the successful model for the technology-based startup, held the 1st boot camp for the 4 selected startup teams.

During this boot camp, the teams received Entrepreneur skillset training, mindset trainings, and core business skill training.

1st day : Creating Value Propositions and Team Formation

dscf2845   dscf2902

2nd day : Validating the Idea in the Market

dscf2916   Axel-K Boot Camp

2016 Green Challenge – KAIST team won the 3rd prize of concept category.

Sein Lee and Surim Kim, who are KAIST students, won the 3rd prize of concept category at the Green Challenge held at DTU on June 24, 2016. They got training session provided by Institute for Startup KAIST after being selected as representative participants.

Projects / Members
Water Purifying and Water Transporting Drum with Pectin and Activated Carbon Filter / 이세린, 김수빈
Parking Efficiency in a Mixed Environment of Automated and Manual Vehicles Towards Greener Cities / 우수민, 최성진
Micro Hydro Power Plant on Himalaya / 김우식, 곽은희, 강동훈
  • 1-1030x773
  • 2-773x1030
  • 3-1030x773
  • 4-773x1030

2016 Freshmen Startup Camp Recruit

2016 Freshmen Startup Camp Recruit

For the last 40 years, KAIST has been leading the nation’s science and technology industry by educating outstanding individuals, doing fundamental/application research, and cooperating with the industries.

Many alumni of KAIST have significantly contributed to the academia, research and development, and industries. 1% of our alumni have established corporations such as Naver, Nexon, and Neowiz and thereby taking the innovation of human society to another level.

This program seeks to enlighten the freshmen of KAIST with a new challenge of startup. Further, we would like to promote entrepreneurship within you as you will be leaders of next generation.



Prof. Lak-kyoung Song introduced to the Institute for Startup KAIST and its programs

Special Lecture

Prof. Steve Ahn gave a lecture on his startup story.

Senior`s Story

Senior students joined in sharing their entrepreneurial journey.

Team Project

Teams were assigned with current programs and found out some solutions.

Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk (2013 – 2015)

In 2013, only 30 people participated in the first Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk. They ignited this talk series. Over time, more and more people came to listen to entrepreneurs’ stories. Total 22 speakers joined and gave insightful lectures from 2012 to 2015.