KAIST ISK Forum 2015

KAIST ISK Forum 2015

  • Date

    November 2 – 3, 2015

  • Place

    Nov. 2: Institute for Startup KAIST – Pangyo Center
    Nov. 3: Startup KAIST Studio (W8) – KAIST at Daejeon

  • Theme

    On Startup Accelerators

  • Invited Speakers

    – Milton B. McColl (CEO, Gauss Surgical)

    – Hanjoo Lee (CEO, SparkLabs)

    – Kara Shurmantine (Director of Global Partnerships, MassChallenge, Inc.)

    – Jimmy Kim (CEO, SparkLabs)

    – Olli Vuola (Executive Director, Aalto University)

Theme : on Startup Accelerators

– Participants

  • (Pangyo) Employees, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Alumni, and Others Relevant to Startups and Accelerators
  • (Daejeon) Professors, Students, Alumni, Employees at Daeduk District, etc.

– Main

  • Invited Lectures by CEO leading companies in the fields of IT, Mobile and Semi-conductor
  • Strategies and Solutions for Invigorating Tech Companies Able to Create New Markets in the World
  • Seeking Opportunities to Collaborate with People and Companies from Pangyo and Abroad



Pangyo IR

2015 GEE Camp – Students from KAIST, DTU, EPFL and Univ. of Waterloo united to learn entrepreneurship

Global Entrepreneurial Energy Camp 2015

It was held from August 17 to 22 at Startup KAIST Studio, South Korea. This camp was initiated by the meeting with KAIST and DTU, and it was extended to EPFL and University of Waterloo. While taking part in this program, students became familiar with the essential concepts relevant to entrepreneurship and they said they had a great experience of learning and networking with other brilliant people.

  • Date: August 17 – 22
  • Venue: Startup KAIST Studio, South Korea
  • Participants: 5 students from University of Waterloo, 5 students from EPFL, 6 students from DTU, and 7 students from KAIST
  • Coordinator: Erik Kristiansen, CEO of BRAINS
  • Idea / Team
  • Steel Asphalt: Self-Healing Eco-Friendly Aspahalt / Utku Berkin Ozcan, Maria Albert Gimeno, Andreas Bavngaard, Woohyung Park
  • SmartPac: The Green Alternative Takeout Container / Blagovesta Kostova, Alex Lin, Sueyoon Lee, Jesper Lonbaek, Saidmukhammadi Shodavlat
  • Electrox: Energy Controller / Hong Yang, Alexander Munch, Dongho Choi
  • Chefovers: The Chef of Leftover Food / Linna Zheng, Chi Nguyen, Jonathan Victor Pagaard, Giovanni Liotta
  • Backlogin: Click it to ship it / Camilla Gramfjeld, Makara Phav, Ashar Alam, Rachel Thompson, Phillip Moser
  • Ecosource: Crowding Corporate Social Responsibility / Samiya Hirji, Jill Vandenbosch

KAIST Pangyo Distinguished Lecture Series in 2015

KAIST Pangyo Distinguished Lecture Series in 2015

KAIST Pangyo Distinguished Speaker Series

  • Date and Time

    1st: April 30, 2015 / 12:00 – 16:30

    2nd: September 17, 2015 / 10:00 – 14:30

  • Place

    KAIST Pangyo Center

  • Lecturers

    1st: Jonghoon Kim, CEO of Kiswe Mobile

    2nd: Taehee Nahm, Founder of Storm Ventures

  • Objectives

    To Provide Lectures with Employees and Leaders during Lunch Time

    To Provide Meeting Opportunities with Lectueres

KAIST Pangyo Center held Distinguished Lecture Series in 2015

KAIST Pangyo Distinguished Speaker Series

The lecture series was started in order for employees like engineers and financial specialists to enhance their capacity. Usually, many opportunities to expand network are only for CEO and chief members of companies. But, this lecture aims to overcome the limit and many employees actually participated.

Date / Time



Jonghoon Kim, CEO of Kiswe Mobile

Aim High ; Take Action

September 17, 2015

Taehee Nahm, Founder of Storm Ventures

How Korean B2B Startups can Go-To-Market in the US?

Start-up company business meeting progress

April 30, 2015 / Jonghoon KimSeptember 17, 2015 / Taehee Nahm
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Value GamesIamcompany

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