Faculty Startup Guidebook 2018

The importance of commercializing academic achievements has been increased as the paradigm of universities shifted from education-based to research-based. Startups that started from university research have many connections in universities, places where new technologies emerge. These startups play a vital role in the economy by directly contributing to local economies, encouraging private investments, and making high quality jobs. Startup KAIST focuses on these advantages and works hard to make university startups more active. Hence, we created a startup guidebook for faculty members in hope to help our members start a business of their own.

Institute for Startup KAIST Newsletter 2019

Institute for Startup KAIST Newsletter

February 2019

1. KAIST Faculty Startup Map v 1.0

The number of startups that started off at KAIST is continuously increasing. Not only the number of student startups, but the number of faculty startups based on KAIST laboratory research is also increasing. Through faculty and research based startups, KAIST’s one and only innovative technology will be applied to products and services, and eventually will improve our daily lives.

The following map was created based on faculty startup data managed by Startup KAIST. The map categorizes faculty startups by department/undergraduate/graduate. The map also shows startup business logos for each lab.


There are quite a significant number of KAIST startups that are in the TIPS program, a technology startup program supported by the Ministry of SMEs and Startup. We use the term “KAIST-BORN” to indicate startups that have KAIST alumni as a founder and as a member of the executive board (CEO, director, etc.). The term also applies to startups that are part of the KAIST OUIC.

The map was first created in October, 2017. For the past two years, the map has gone through several updates and now has been updated to KAIST-BORN TIPS Startup Map v 1.3.1.

3. Category Map of KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP(2018)

While TIPS Startup Map visualizes the connection between KAIST and TIPS, Category Map of KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP lists startups for each startup category.

Category Map of KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP(2018) is a category map that lists businesses selected by TIPS in 2018. The map shows various kinds of startup categories.

4. Investment Stage Map of KAIST-Born TIPS Startups

We categorized each KAIST-BORN TIPS selected startup based on the amount of investment and created an investment map. Most of the startups were categorized as SEED. We hope to see more TIPS startups that receive Series C level investment and develop further within the startup ecosystem. The amount of investment received per startup indicated on the map may differ from the actual amount as the map uses the vc and various articles as its information resource.

5. The Number of Startups Invested by TIPS Accelerator

The following map below lists all accelerators (investors) that invested in KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP. It shows which accelerator invested in which startup. Blue Point Partners, accelerator that started off at KAIST, made the most investment out of all the accelerators. The map helps to analyze the characteristics of each investor and thus will be useful for those who are looking for investor related information.

2017 KAIST Startup Examination Report

2017 KAIST Startup Examination Report

2017 KAIST Startup Examination Report deals with data about the major accomplishments and the performance of companies that have been established by KAIST alumni and faculty members.

  • Analyzed Companies

    KAIST member or alumni (who is currently attending or who already have graduated), faculty, others (companies that have received startup support from the school) total of 1,148 startups

  • Entrepreneur Analysis

    Personal information such as background, age, education, experience, etc.

  • Startup Company Analysis

    The company’s structure, form, size, business category, location, history, etc.

  • Startup Company Performance Analysis

    The company’s assets, sales, and scale of employment

Download Data ☞ 20180517KAIST(StartupExaminationReport)_Final

(2017 August) Looking for Companies that Seek to Move into TIPS Town (Seoul Yeoksam)

Announcement Regarding Moving into TIPS Town 

In order to help and strengthen the competitiveness of pre-entrepreneurs and excelling companies, we are looking for companies that wish to move into TIPS Town (Haesung Building), a building managed by Startup KAIST.

  • General Information (Summary)

    • Location : Seoul Gangnam-gu Yeoksam-ro 165, Haesung Building 5F / Provided Area: 7.5pyeong (approximately 24.79 m^2) per company

    • Eligibility : Entrepreneur who started a business within 3 years or pre-entrepreneur who desires to start a business within「the Scope of Cutting-edge Technology and Products」(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Official Notification Number 2015-101)

    • Approximate Date for Moving In : Late September ~ Early October (*Determined after consultation)

    • Move-In Period: 1 year, extend move-in period by unit of 1 year after every annual evaluation

    • Move-In Expenses : *monthly rent – refer to first file attached below

    • Benefits : No deposit, interior and shared/public facilities provided

    • Provide advantage points to entrepreneurs or pre-entrepreneurs who successfully completed the Entrepreneur KAIST Startup Education Program

  • How to Apply

    • Application Period : August 22nd, 2017 (Tues) ~ September 3rd, 2017 (Sun) 24:00
    • Required Documents : Application form for Move-In (*download the file provided below, attach documentary evidence when submitting business plan), business license, certified copy of corporate register, documentary evidence of recent sales data, etc. (submitted forms will NOT be returned)

  • Evaluation and Move-In Schedule

    • 2017. 8. 22 ~ 9. 3 : Application Period (Recruitment Announcement and Document Submission)

    • 2017. 9. 4 ~ 9. 6 : 1st Evaluation Period (Documents)

    • 2017. 9. 7 ~ 9. 12 : 2nd Evaluation Period (Interview)

    • 2017. 9. 18 onwards : Moving into TIPS Town

  • Submission of Documents and Contact Information

    • (Submission Process) Documents should be in either jpg or PDF file format and should be submitted via e-mail (startup_pangyo@kaist.ac.kr)

    • (Tel) Startup KAIST Pangyo Center 031-739-7171~2

2017 Summer Internship @ Silicon Valley (Lam Research)

2017 Summer Internship @ Silicon Valley – Lam Research

During the summer break of 2017, KAIST Startup plans to provide a chance for students to experience Silicon Valley system and develop a sense of entrepreneurship through internship at Lam Research. We hope to see many students apply for this great opportunity.

  • General Description of Recruitment

    • Workplace: Lam Research Headquarters (http://www.lamresearch.com)

    • Working Period: 2 month (June~August), possible to change the time

    • Supported: Internship, visa, insurance, flight tickets, accommodations

  • Recruiment Areas and Eligibility

    • Recruitment Areas(Number of People): Etch Plasma(1), Deposition(1) /  *Please refer to the attachment – Job Description

    • Eligibility

      – KAIST  Ph.d or Ph.d candidate

      – English communication

  • Process of Application

    Application Form Evaluation

    →  1st Interview Session
    (KAIST Startup)
    →  2nd Interview Session (Lam Research Korea



    Announcement of Accepted Students

  • Documents for Submission / Application Period

    • Documents for Submission: Application Form (*Refer to Attachment) / CV / Cover Letter

    • Please make sure that all documents for submission are all in PDF file format

    • Submitted documents will not be returned


    • Method of Submission: Send via e-mail to startup_pangyo@kaist.ac.kr

    • Application Period: March 30th, 2017 (Thurs) ~ April 11th, 2017 (Mon) 23:00

  • Other Important Informationa and Contact Information

    • Other Important Information

      – Various factors such as working conditions or monthly salary will be discussed and determined later


    • Contact Information: KAIST Startup Pangyo Center

      (031-739-7171~2, startup_pangyo@kaist.ac.kr)

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