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Startup KAIST Studio 전용좌석 모집 선정 결과를 아래와 같이 공지합니다.

선정 결과 및 좌석 배치 안내

  • 팀명
  • Ant
  • GSD
  • 이너시아
  • 하이퍼스케일
  • 신청자명
  • 최종윤
  • 김재운
  • 조기웅
  • 김효이
  • 김재민


  • 2021년 2학기 선정 팀은 9월 6일(월)부터 입주 및 좌석 이용가능
    • 이용기간: 2021년 9월 6일(월) – 2022년 2월 18일(금)
      * 전용좌석 공간 리모델링으로 인하여 선발 직후, 2주간 사용 불가

    ※ 활용기준에 미달될 경우 중도 퇴거될 수 있으며, 추후 모집 시 불이익이 있을 수 있음

  • COVID-19 관련 방역 지침 사항
    • Startup Studio 이용 시 열 체크 및 마스크 착용 필수
    • KAIST 구성원 이외의 외부인원(졸업생 포함)은 학교 지침에 따라 출입불가
    • 내부에서 음식  절대 섭취 금지
    • 대전 거리두기 단계 4단계 유지 시, 팀별 동시 출입인원 4인으로 제한

    ※ 위 사항을 어길 시, 즉시 퇴거조치되며 이후 전용좌석제 이용이 어려울 수 있습니다.

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    담당자 : 창업지원실 안동주 (T.6491)

ISK Annual Report 2020

ISK Annual Report 2020

“Startup KAIST” is a movement to spread entrepreneurial culture on campus and build an ecosystem for supporting technology startups. We released an ISK annual report every year since 2016. In the 2020 annual report, there are programs conducted in KAIST Startup, and Startup interview, the introduction of startup KAIST, startup culture, startup education infrastructure, and so on. If you are interested in startups, you can participate in those programs.

Please click the book or following the button for details.

롯데액셀러레이터 인턴사원 채용 공고

  • 채용분야 및 채용인원

    – 투자부문 인턴 O명

  • 주요 업무 분야

    – 투자 검토와 관련한 리서치

    – 국내외 산업/기술 관련 리서치

    – 투자 계약 관련 문서 작성, 관리 업무

  • 자격조건 및 우대사항

    – 학부/대학원생 졸업(예정)자 또는 휴학생

    – 6개월 근무 가능하신 분

    – 벤처캐피탈 / 스타트업 업계에 관심이 많은 분

    – 인턴 기간 종료 이후 채용 연계 검토 가능

  • 지원방법 및 기타

    – 지원 기간 : ~3/31 까지

    – 업무 기간 : 시작일로부터 6개월

    – 회사 위치 : 서울시 강남구 테헤란로69길 5, DT센터 14층

    startup_recruit@lotte.net로 이력서와 간략한 자기소개서 송부

    – 접수된 서류는 반환되지 않으며 서류전형 합격자에 한하여 개별 통지합니다.

    – 회사 홈페이지 : http://lotteacc.com/

Startup KAIST News letter-March, 2021

2021 Spring semester has begun! Welcoming the new semester, Startup KAIST is conducting various programs such as Lunchtalk, StartupTing, startup support program E*5 KAIST, and E*5 Labstartup. Due to COVID-19, all programs will be held online and is subject to change depending on the situation. We hope the pandemic ends soon and the day we meet offline comes! Please look forward to and participate in the events this semester!

KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP MAP has been updated to v 1.7. This map is based on new KAIST-born startups entering TIPS during August ~November 2020. 12 newly added startups account for about 16% of all TIPS startups. Download the map and click the logo of startup to visit the homepage of the startup and find more information.

Lunch Talk continues in 2021! Lunch Talk is a time to meet entrepreneurs from various fields and VCs and get closer to starting a business. Lunch Talk pre-registration opens every month, and will be held online due to COVID-19. Stay tuned!

Above is the schedule for 2021 KAIST StartupTing. Check out the poster to see the events for this semester, and detailed information will be announced for each StartupTing. StartupTing as well will be held online. Please participate if you’re interested in meeting companies!

Biotech KAIST Seminar Series (BioKASS) is a new event of 2021, where you can learn about the drug development process of startups. Lecture materials will not be shared in the future, so those who are interested are recommended to participate.

K-school is recruiting 2021 fall master of entrepreneurship & innovation students. There will be 2 online information sessions regarding the 2021 fall admissions.

“GRAFFITI” was held to form bonds and maximize capabilities of passionate and spirited university students interested in the startup ecosystem. It is a non-face-to-face startup festival that takes into account the COVID-19 situation and has lasted for 4 days online. The program consisted of team projects and matching, where students could directly experience the initial stages of a startup, and aimed to expand and increase the inflow of the startup ecosystem. Check out the report for more information.

2020 E*5 KAIST Report

E*5 KAIST is a startup support program for KAIST students to provide practical training and commercialization of ideas and enhance entrepreneurship capabilities, leading to actual startups. Last year, due to COVID-19, the entire process of E*5 KAIST program was held online. Please click the image for more details. We look forward to your interest and participation in this program in 2021 as well.

Startup KAIST News letter-January, 2021

January, 2021

Another year has come! Startup KAIST is preparing various programs to support and expand external and on-campus startups in 2021. Please look forward to and participate in upcoming programs! Check out the Startup KAIST Homepage for details on Startup KAIST programs.

In the first Newsletter, we introduce you to the Startup Map created by ISK and the final report of 2020 E*5 KAIST. Follow up with the status of KAIST startups with the map and news on E*5 KAIST.


KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP MAP has been updated to V 1.6. The map contains KAIST-born startups that have been selected by TIPS from 2020 February to July. KAIST-born startups represent 16.6% of all TIPS selected startups.

* Download the map and click on the logo of the company to visit its website. This also applies to maps below.


The Category Map of KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP shows startups by fields and helps find ways to nurture startups. Based on the renewed KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP MAP V 1.6, this map categorizes the 21 newly-added startups.

KAIST Faculty Startup Map V 1.2

2020 KAIST Faculty Startup Map is updated with 3 new faculty startups – ‘HITS’ of Department of Chemistry Professor Woo Youn Kim, ‘Daim Research’ of Department of Industrial and System Engineering Professor Young Jae Jang, and ‘FLUIZ’ of School of Computing Professor Insik Shin.

KAIST Student Startup Map V 1.2

The challenge for startups by students never ends. KAIST Student Startup Map has been updated based on the data researched by Startup KAIST. The new map contains 19 Student Startups, including teams from E*5 KAIST and E*5 LabStartup KAIST from 2019 Fall to 2020.

*  In addition, if you want to register your company, please download the map and click  add here at the bottom of the map.

US Silicon Valley Storm Ventures Korean branch job posting

■  직무: 벤처기업 투자대상 발굴, 검토 및 분석(기업/산업분석, 리서치, Valuation 등)

■  자격조건 

  • 전산/소프트웨어 분야 전공자 (학사, 석사, 박사)
  • 소프트웨어 분야의 회사 경력 선호 (VC경력 필수아님)
  • 영어 능통자

■  근무조건 및 급여: 추후 별도 협의

■  지원방법: 영문 이력서 및 자기소개서 이메일 제출(김병윤 명예교수, yoonkim@kaist.ac.kr)

  • 접수 마감(예정): 2021년 1월 17일까지 (서류 접수 순으로 전형이 진행되어, 예정보다 빠르게 마감될 수 있음.
  • 서류 검토 후, 해당자에 한하여 Storm Ventures 한국지사 별도 전형 진행 (인터뷰 등)


Startup KAIST News letter-December, 2020

 Institute for Startup KAIST Newsletter

December, 2020

In 2020, all Startup KAIST programs were held online due to COVID-19. KAIST Tech Day and Lunch Talks were pre-recorded and conducted through Zoom Webina, and E*5 KAIST, E*5 LabStartup, and Startup-tings were held through Zoom for real-time communication with participants.

Five major institutes of science and technology (KAIST, GIST, DGIST, UNIST, POSTECH) hold annual joint startup competitions among promising startups from each university to strength the solidarity of startups and propel competition, creating a student startup ecosystem. This year, the competition was held at GIST, and online due to COVID-19.

On December 4, Jin-Oh Kim, a Ph.D. student at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (advisory professor: Steve Park), of team Aldaver presented “Developing the next generation artificial cadaver technology using functional hydrogel”, and won the Grand Prize (Minister Prize of the Ministry of Science and ICT).

E*5 KAIST is Startup KAIST’s student startup supporting program, and 2020 Fall was the 17th season of the program. Due to COVID-19, all missions and activities were held online. Through the first mission, 18 teams out of 25 teams were selected. After the final round, team COSMOS was awarded Grand Prize (1st), team Carillon was awarded Award of Excellence (2nd), and team Dearplant was awarded Awarded of Excellence (3rd). In addition, team Frauen won Special Prize and the Activity Award.

E*5 LabStartup is a newly established lab-based startup audition program to verify and support research-based items with high potential for commercialization. Unlike E*5 KAIST, it is a lab-based program. This year, a total of 15 teams applied, and 3 teams – Aldaver, Spidercore, TOVDATA – were selected.

Startup KAIST holds ‘KAIST Startup Awards’ to support startup activities for teams selected through startup audition programs. Due to COVID-19, Startup KAIST could not provide the opportunity to attend CES. However, through the awards Startup KAIST discovered startup teams and plan to foster them as a unicorn company through continuous support. Chequer won Grand Prize (1st), and SelectStar won Award of Excellence (2nd), and QuantumCat and Dolbomdream won Awards of Excellence (3rd).

Startup KAIST holds TECH DAY annually to expand the tech-based startup system, discover and support future entrepreneurs, and promote networking. Due to COVID-19, ISK Forum and Tech Demo was conducted online. Although the event was held online, there were even more participants who joined the event!

Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk introduces the startup stories of professionals in various fields. In 2020 Fall, there were companies as well as VCs, giving us different perspectives on startups. Due to COVID-19, Lunch Talks were held through Zoom Webina. There were 4 Lunch Talks this semester, starting with Mirae Holdings in September, GO PIZZA in October, FuriosaAI in November, and Bon Angels Venture Partners in December.

> Watch Lunch Talk Highlights

Startup-ting was held online in 2020 Fall as well. In the spring, Startup-ting was streamed on Youtube, but to allow communication between participants and companies, the program was held using Zoom. Chequer, FuriosaAI, Mindlogic, Neofect, and Curocell joined us for 2020 Fall Startup-ting.

> Watch Fall Startup Ting Highlights

Startup KAIST endeavors to establish an ecosystem that spreads entrepreneurship spirit on campus and support tech-based startups. We publish the ISK Annual Report every year. The 2019 Annual Report includes introduction to Startup KAIST, and interviews of programs and startups held in 2019. For more information, please click on the brochure above.

KVI(KAIST Venture Investment holdings) Recruitment Announcement

카이스트청년창업투자지주㈜(http://kaistventures.com/)는 청년창업 활성화와 창업 지원을 통해 국가 발전에 기여하고자 KAIST가 100% 출자하여 설립한 기술기반의 임팩트 투자 및 TIPS운영 전문회사 입니다. KVI에서 당사의 업무를 진행할 직원을 아래와 같이 채용하고자 합니다. 관심 있는 분들의 많은 지원 바랍니다.

1. 채용분야

– 투자심사역 0명

2. 직무설명

– 스타트업 투자대상 발굴, 검토 및 분석(기업 및 산업분석, 리서치, Valuation, 투심보고서 작성 등)

– 사회적가치 측정 및 분석(기업의 사회적가치 측정 업무 지원 등)

– TIPS(기술기반스타트업 투자 및 육성 프로그램) 제반 업무 담당

– 기투자기업 사후관리, Value Up 지원, 회수 업무

3. 자격조건

– 이공계 전공자 및 금융투자 관련 경험자 우대(벤처 및 금융투자, 또는 기술에 대한 관심이 높은 인력 선호)

– 임팩트 투자에 관심 높은 인력 우대(벤처 및 임팩트 투자를 동시에 담당할 수 있는 분 선호)

– 꼼꼼한 성격이면서도 대인관계가 원만하며, 업무 이해도가 높은 인력 우대(배움에 있어 거부감이 없는 분 선호)

4. 근무지

– 서울 서초구 강남대로 (양재역)

5. 연봉

– 연봉 : 면접 후 협의(신입은 내규에 따르며, 경력은 기존 연봉에 근거하여 협의)

6. 지원방법

– 전형방법 : 1차 서류전형 -> 2차 실무면접 -> 3차 대표면접
(1차 합격자에 한해 면접 통지 예정)

– 지원방법 : 국문 이력서 및 자기소개서(경력 시 경력기술서도 제출) e-mail 제출(지정된 양식은 따로 없음)

(e-mail : info@kaist.vc)

– 접수기간 : 11월 30일 까지

ISK Annual Report 2019

ISK Annual Report 2019

“Startup KAIST” is a movement to spread entrepreneurial culture on campus and build an ecosystem for supporting technology startup. We released an ISK annual report every year since 2016. In the 2019 annual report, there are programs conducted in KAIST Startup, and Startup interview, the introduction of startup KAIST, startup culture, startup education infrastructure, and so on. Please click the following book for details.