【Garage+Startup Global Program】10-Day@Taiwan to Grow Business

Introduce the Startup Global Program(SGP) from Garage+, Asia’s largest zero-equity incubator supported by the key players in the global supply chain. The application for the SGP 9th batch is open for startups (Stage: Seed – Series B) in AI & Big Data, IoT & Smart Devices, Digital Health, AR & VR, Mobility, Green Tech, etc.

Since 2015, SGP has invited 125 startups to discover business opportunities in the Asia region. Over 33% of the fellow startups had established collaborations with Asian leading corporations, attracted investments or set up Taiwan branches through Epoch Foundation’s solid connections. To name some of the cases, one of the fellow startup received a US$7.2M order from a Japanese buyer; another has developed more than 50 certified Asian partners & customers from the 10-day program.

  • Benefits from the 10-day program(Dec.4th-13th, 2019)

    • 1-on-1 meetings with decision makers from leading corporations and key players in the global supply chain
    • Join the Garage+ Open House exhibition for the opportunities of market development, investment, and manufacturing
    • Free round-trip flight tickets and accommodation for 2 people.

2019 The Third 「LINA 50+ AWARDS」

Yangjae Innovation Hub 2018 Global AI Conference ‘2018 AICON’


‘Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub’, an agency which expertises in fostering industry based on AI technology, will be holding 2018 Global AI Conference (2018 AICON).  There will be lectures and discussion sessions run by distinguished experts from the AI sector and technology business, Innovation Hub company Demo Day, and Innovation Hub AI School product exhibition. Anyone interested in AI technology are all welcome to come to the event.


• Program: 2018 Global AI Conference『2018 AICON』

  • Topic: New Topics in Deep Learning AI
  • Date/Time: December 18th, 2018 (Tue) / 09:00~18:00
  • Event Host: (Host) Seoul City / (Supervisor) Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub * KAIST Center for Connect & Innovation Commission Operation
  • Venue: Seoul Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub (Korean Federation of Teachers’ Associations Hall) 1F
  • Target: Anyone interested, including experts in related fields, approximately 400 people


* Parking is free, but due to the limited number of parking lots available, we recommend participants to use public transport.

** Lunch is not provided.

***Location Information: http://yangjaehub.com/


For more information, please refer to the following link: (https://event-us.kr/4308)

2018 KAISEEDER Open Seminar

About the Program

KAIST Technology Startup Student Club, KAISEEDER will be holding an open seminar.

KAISEEDER is a group of students who are interested in technology venture. The club regularly shares and gives updates about recent trends and information regarding technology venture.

During the seminar, there will be lecture sessions run by Namgi Min (President of KAISEEDER) who is preparing for startup and Jeongbong Han who is from Bluepoint Partners.

Date and Time

November 29th (Thurs) 18:30


KAIST W8 Building 3F Conference Hall

2018 The 2nd Daejeon Venture Star Demo Day (Nov 28)

  • Event

    2018 The 2nd Daejeon Venture Star Demo Day

  • Date and Time

    November 28th, 2018 (Wed) 13:30 ~ 18:00

  • Venue

    Institute for Basic Science Science and Culture Center 2F Auditorium

    (Daejeon Yuseong-gu Expo-ro 55 (previously Expo Science Park))

  • Registration Link


  • Contact Information

    Daejeon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation

    042-385-0635, jeff@ccei.kr

Lighthouse Startup Program for Daejeon College Students

Lighthouse Startup Program for Daejeon College Students
| Creating business model for the global market and making technological prototypes

Lighthouse Startup Program for Daejeon College Students
| Creating business model for the global market and making technological prototypes


ㅇ Duration: November 9th (Fri) ~ November 23rd (Fri) [3 workshop sessions]
ㅇ Venue : Daejeon Creative Economy Innovation Center (KAIST E19 Building, 9F)
ㅇ Mentors : Tyler Rasch, Mario Garcia-Lee, Semin Oh
ㅇ Registration Deadline : November 7th, 2018 (Wed), first come first serve
ㅇ Number of Seats Available: 50, for college students attending universities at Daejeon only
ㅇ How to Register : Go to the link provided above, no registration fee / register as a team (3~5 people) or register individually, there should be at least one fluent English speaker within each team  (if registering individually, you must be comfortable using English)**
ㅇ Contact Information : Kakao Open Chatroom, E-mail : semin@lighthouse.ac
** There is no registration fee and some contents are done in English.

4th Global Innovator Festa (GIF)

  • Program

    The 4th Global Innovator Festa

  • Date

    November 9th (Fri) – November 10th (Sat)

  • Venue

    Daegu EXCO 3F and Lobby

  • Hosted by/Supervised by

    Daegu, Korea Gas Corporation/ Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency

  • Program Description

    Official Events : Opening ceremony, closing ceremony/award ceremony, networking party

    Idea Contest: Startup auditions, maker-thon, idea-thon, rookie camp

    Startup Fair: Demonstrations given by startups, global pitching contest, investment and mentoring sessions, etc.


    Events that are Held Together/Related Events: KMU-GIF LINC+Camp, etc.

7th “KOSBI Global Small Scale Business Seminar”

The 7th KOSBI Global Small Scale Business seminar will be held on October 19th (Fri).

We look forward to your participation. 🙂

Date and Time: October 19th, 2018 (Fri) 11:00 ~ 13:00

Venue: Yeongdeungpo-gu Gukjaegeumyeung-ro 20 Yukchon Building 4F

Contact Information: Manager Sohee Kim (010-5442-2282)

Global Startup Contest 2018 Get in the Ring Seoul

We are looking for companies that wish to enter「2018 Get in the Ring Seoul」. Selected companies will represent Korea in the future Get in the Ring International competition.

*Click the image for more information.*


Global Startup Contest 2018 Get in the Ring Seoul


Startup teams that are within 8 years old (startups that have innovative business ideas and business models)
* Teams that are able to go abroad, teams that can present their pitching sessions in English


No limitation, however should not be an idea that harms the environment or that goes against society 

Winner Benefits

Chance to attend 2018-2019 Global Get in the Ring and Attract Global Investors


Ministry of SMEs and Startups / Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation

♣Application Deadline : October 21st, 2018 (Sun) 24:00
♣Required Documents : Download from Get in the Ring official website (MUST be written in English)
* https://getinthering.gribb.io/event/get-in-the-ring-seoul
For more information, please contact Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation Research Analysis Team (02-2156-2356 / hjbang@koef.or.kr)

Lifestyle Innovative Startup Financial Support (Loan) Program

Lifestyle Innovative Startup Financial Program is...

It is a program that provides lifestyle innovating startups the opportunity to receive financial support through loans so that they can easily further expand their business related to lifestyle with their great ideas. By supporting lifestyle innovating startups that have potential to become successful even though they do not have high-level technology, the program aims to prevent overcrowding in the part-time job business sector and to create new jobs.

  • Target

    Entrepreneurs or startups that are less than a year old which possess innovative ideas regarding daily lifestyle

  • How to Apply

    Apply online through Idea Toktok (http://idea.sbiz.or.kr) by November 2018 (application form might close early depending on the number of applications)

Provided Benefits

  • Financial Support

    Selected small businesses that are considered to be entrepreneurs that bring innovation to our daily lifestyle will be given a chance to get a loan of maximum 200 million Korean won for policy funds. If businesses experience unexpected failure, they will be exempt from the duty to pay back all the money.

    • Support Amount: Maximum 3,000 people, 45 billion Korean won
    • Loan Period/Interest Rate: Total 5 years (including 3 year loan term) / 2.5% fixed interest rate
    • Success/Failure Outcomes: (Success) Loan repayment and provide more support regarding additional loans for policy funds, given higher priority when given the chance to receive support for government-run programs such as R&D and marketing, (Unexpected Failure) Exempt from the responsibility to pay back, (Planned Failure) Required to pay everything back and prohibited from receiving part of the benefits provided by the program, such as limiting the amount of loan that the company is able to borrow and use for policy funds, for 3 years
  • Mentoring Sessions

    Provide ‘specialized mentoring sessions’ for small businesses that lack innovation or that do not have a specific, detailed business plan


10 additional points given to those that recommend related corporations or autonomous districts