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Startup KAIST News letter-June, 2021

In 2021, all Startup KAIST programs were held online and offline depending on the COVID-19 situation. In April, Startup KAIST welcomed the new director of ISK. We hope to meet students offline in the second half of the year 🙂

18th E*5 KAIST (`21 Spring) - Online

2021 E*5 KAIST of the first half was held from March 23nd to June 4th. Due to COVID-19, the entire process of the 18th E*5 KAIST program was held online.
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2021 Spring Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk Review!

Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk is a monthly entrepreneurship lecture program held during the semester to bring entrepreneurship spirit into the KAIST campus. The 2021 Spring Lunch Talk program was conducted online due to COVID-19. Enjoy Lunch Talk through YouTube real-time streaming!

KAIST StartupTing X Minds Lab Review (May)

The second StartupTing of May was joined by Minds Lab. Minds Lab is a famous AI company engaged in various businesses from algorithms to platform and AI-related services. There are many AI experts as well as students from KAIST at Minds Lab. Through the stories of relatable KAIST seniors, StartupTing with Minds Lab was a time to hear about realistic stories about the company, team, and startup experience.
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KAIST Startup-ting X Market Kurly Review

Market Kurly, known for its dawn delivery and purple branding, joined Startup KAIST for May’s Startup-ting. Market Kurly is an online commerce company that is well-known to customers. The company has grown exponentially after its establishment in 2015, and is about to be listed on the U.S. stock market. Customers can receive fresh products before 7 am if they order by 11 pm the night before. Market Kurly is the first to launch a fresh product delivery service. Startup-ting is continuing through Zoom due to COVID-19. If you are interested in the development and rapid growth story of Market Kurly, pay attention to the review of Market Kurly’s Startup-ting!

KAIST StartupTing X Upstage Review

Today’s StartupTing is joined by Upstage, an AI startup created by AI core developers from Naver, Kakao, Nvidia, and Google. CEO Sung Kim is known for his deep learning lecture, and is currently a professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(HKUST). If you want to learn about AI and receive mentoring, stay focus on Upstage’s StartupTing.

KAIST StartupTing X Bagelcode Review

Bagelcode is a global company with 5 studios in 5 countries. Influenced by seniors at KAIST, I always thought about starting a company. While working at a company in my early 30s, I decided to start a business. It’s been a long time since I left the app development field, so I started by gathering developers. At first, I didn’t know what business to do, so I went through 5 pivoting (webtoon, web-service, social dining, fashion, game) after trial and error. At that time, KakaoTalk and Anipang were trending items, so I developed a KakaoTalk game called Battle Pangpang, but did not achieve commercial success.

2021 GRAFFITI Startup Festival - Report

The event was held to form bonds and maximize capabilities of passionate and spirited university students interested in the startup ecosystem. “GRAFFITI 2021” is a non-face-to-face startup festival that takes into account the COVID-19 situation and further develops “ICISTS 2019”. The conference aims to provide the experience of initial startup process, and expand as well as increase the inflow of the startup ecosystem.

KAIST StartupTing X MINDs Lab Review

2021’s first StartupTing is joined by a renowned AI company, MINDs Lab. MINDs Lab is the best and only AI expert organization equipped with AI algorithms to AI applications and services. The company has recently launched a subscription AI platform ‘maum’ open to anyone in the cloud field.