Greetings from the director

Startup KAIST : Young-Tae (YT) Kim

We had another fruitful year with slow but steady progress towards building models for technology-based startup ecosystem. We are witnessing increasing interest in starting companies amongst students and faculty members that we think indicates entrepreneurship culture is gradually spreading. Some of the startups ISK helped launch in the past made meaningful progress this year by securing venture capital financing and creating revenues in the global market. Good examples are Plasmapp and Tomocube and we would like to see further progress this year. Of course, we also have witnessed failures from which important lessons are learned.

In 2017, we have run various programs that provided entrepreneurs with support for technology commercialization, networking and, education in collaboration with K-School, as in the past few years. More than 20 new startup companies have been launched with the help of ISK. We will continue to work hard to diffuse the entrepreneurship culture and help build efficient startup ecosystem, all with the global market in mind.

When we accumulate enough knowledge from our programs and when the number of successful cases reaches critical mass, we believe the activity of ISK will grow exponentially. We believe the startup models we create will become the reference models for the nation and for other regions of the world.

The door to the Institute for Startup KAIST is open, and we welcome aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world to participate. We are willing to collaborate and share our knowledge with others.

On behalf of ISK team, I would like to thank you for your support for and participation in ISK programs.

Young Tae,  Kim PhD

Associate Vice President of Institute for Startup KAIST

Director of K-School

Professor,  KAIST