KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP MAP has been updated to v 1.1.

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The following are startups that were newly added to the map.

Sunbo Angel Partners support startups so that they have the potential to change the future industry and bring innovation to our world.

Tutoring is an on-demand mLearning platform in which enables people who wish to learn English to connect to a global private English speaking tutor via mobile within 10 seconds.

IHN Lab (IHN is short for ‘Innovation Hub’) is a material specialized research development business that aspires to become a leading icon of innovation in the field of material science. IHN Lab hopes to develop and commercialize high performance material science technology utilized in high-tech semiconductor packaging industry. They currently succeeded in developing and commercializing high heat-resistant adhesive film.

Repugen is a bio-engineering company that produce protein therapeutic agent and bio products based on the technology (re-pebody) developed by KAIST Professor Hakseong Kim and KIST. Re-pebody is a protein composed of LRR modules that are known for its potential in replacing the existing antibodies in the field of bio-engineering and medicine.

SQand is a technology company that develops or provides ‘autonomous modules’ and ‘control solution’ that creates an independent sound field for each seat and that can be easily applied to existing automobiles. ‘Acoustic spatial correction technology’, the technology that the company utilizes, is a new type of acoustic technology developed by CTO. This technology can not only be applied to automobiles but also any kind of area that requires sound. Through ‘acoustic spatial correction technology’, it is able to give people a new spatial sense of acoustic feel.

The above is a bio-venture that collect and analyze big data using IT technology and that expertise in discovering and developing new medicine. Through AI technology, they predict a variety of properties of the drug and wish to develop new medicine at low-cost with high efficiency. It aims to create a global bio-tech that can improve the lives of patients suffering from rare diseases.

Omnious is an AI startup that possess fashion image recognition technology. It has the technology to tag an image with properties such as item, color, form, details, print, and material using high-quality data and deep-learning. Moreover, it has the technology to search for products based on the degree of similarity.

LiBEST aims to develop a next-generation battery that can be applied to wearable devices/products of the 4th industrial revolution. Based on its battery planning technology and production skills, LiBEST focuses on the development of next-generation batteries and is trying to find out the ways to apply this technology in real-life situations. Currently, they developed a flexible ion battery and is preparing for mass production. It also plans to further expand their potential by creating new healthcare related products based on ICT that are able to utilize this flexible ion battery.

Memslux is a company established to commercialize ‘3D Diffuser Lithography’ technology developed by Professor Junbo Yoon at KAIST. The company hopes to provide new light experience and value to the users through its unique transparent, unidirectional surface light source. Unlike the existing light guide panel-like surface light sources, the technology developed at KAIST is a surface optical which uses a new light emission mechanism and thus can be applied in transparent, flexible back light units in next-generation displays.

Seadronix is a technology based company established to create a safer maritime industry. It develops and sells low-cost autonomous sailing vessels that have a wide range of applications through AI technology specialized in the field of maritime. It dominates the market by its technology which allows safer and cheaper platform structures for marine-related purposes.

DxGen was established to open a new field of study in the global IVD market by applying its own nano-bio technology to external diagnosis medical device technology. They are currently challenging themselves to enter the global market with the theme of diabetes+tuberculosis and are currently conducting research on making an automated glycosylated albumin diagnosis device for point-of-care use.

This company was established to create CAR-T medicine, a type of technology that is accepted worldwide for treating cancer. So far, the company succeeded in developing a method to produce CAR-T medicine. It aspires to bring light to the lives of terminal stage cancer patients with new and innovative CAR-T medicine.

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