The updated version of KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP MAP v.1.2 and 2 new maps have been made.

To begin with, Category Map of KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP(2017.2H~2018.1H) has been created. It is a map that contains information about categories based on selected businesses from 2017 Fall and 2018 Spring TIPS.

It is a map that shows information regarding companies that invested in KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP and the category map. It will be helpful for those who are need of information regarding each investor.

KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP MAP v.1.2 have been updated.

More businesses have been added to TIPS. Please refer to the map and attachment below for more details!

The following is a short description about each company that have been added to the KAIST-BORN TIPS STARTUP MAP during 2018 Spring.

① Point2Technology

The data center specialized 1W 200-giga chip set that Point2Technology plans to develop is a semiconductor chip set which enables the signal exchange between IEEE, which currently leads the Ethernet transmission related technology, and PAM-4, which OIF is currently trying to standardize. This chip set especially is effectively more efficient compared to other chip sets made by other companies using mixed-mode type technology or that were constructed using ADC based chip set structure. Considering the amount of cost in developing this technology, Point2Technology decided to apply for TIPS.

② bHaptics

bHaptics provides interactive devices that gives VR/AR content users a more vivid experience through haptic feedback and proposes a software solution for these kind of content. It provides a variety of automated SW solutions and plans to effectively take the VR/AR haptic market that currently is going through its initial development stage.

③ OneKey

OneKey is a company that develops smart key systems for smart phone devices. It solved the security issues, such as RSA hacking, involved with operating the entry system by applying sound waves. It works hard to provide a safe, convenient and unified entry system and some kind of value that can connect its users with one another.


Around the world, more than 80,000,000 people die each year due to air pollution. Considering this pollution issue, Shema aims to develop and supply hygienic smart masks. Its goal is to make products that can be used safely in a severely polluted environment by applying design engineering techniques based on the respiration data and patterns of mask users and sell these products all over the world.

⑤ Baum

Baum is a company established in hope to provide EDA products and solutions for semiconductor manufacturing companies so that their manufacturing process becomes more energy efficient. Its semiconductor power modeling technique based high-speed, high-accuracy power analysis solution technology makes it possible for the clients to minimize the amount of power usage and maximize power and heat management efficiency.

⑥Kai-i Company

Kai-i Company, founded and run by KAIST members, is a startup that develops big data based Smart Dental Solution that satisfies the needs of the patients, doctors, and guardians by combining various areas such as psychology clinic IoT and dentistry. Smart Dental Solution is the world’s first total oral management service that provides a meaningful connection between the client and the medical center and enables users to manage medical checkups, treatment, and prevention through one unified platform.

⑦ VPIX Medical

VPIX Medical is a company that works to develop a super miniature florescent microscope that enables real-time in vivo imaging based on confocal microscope techniques that create a cell-unit high image resolution. It aims to develop a medical device that can be applied in imaging devices in laboratories and cancer surgeries by utilizing super micro silicon attached microscopic laser scanner manufacturing process, a technology based on research originally from KAIST, and Lissajous pattern construction technique.

⑧ BGarage

BGarage is currently working to create AI based safety engineering technology for industrial drones. They developed a module that implements collision prevention and evasion technology using low-cost sensors and Deep Learning technology and are striving to solve the safety issues that industrial drone manufacturing and service companies face.

⑨ Neurodigm

Neurodigm, a team that consists of experienced experts in the field of Deep Learning based system construction and development, specialize in neural network technology. Neurodigm aims to develop a better management system for bridges by combining the great amount of data obtained from various sensors attached to the bridge and then creating an AI system that suggest the adequate checkup and repair work period for each part of the bridge.


Lawfully is an AI leagaltech software technology company that started out from immigration law of the US and now setting its goal to the huge law market of the US. It develops a variety of solutions related to immigration laws through Korean AI technology based engines and succeeded in implementing the automated prediction and update function for case procedural time period using AI technology for the first time in the world. Lawfully is now planning to develop a law strategy function for self application package that can be followed without the help of a lawyer and lawyer offices.

⑪Frontier Energy Solution

Frontier Energy Solution is a startup that actively works to commercialize perovskite solar cells, a type of technology that is considered to be the ‘game changer of all solar cells’.  Perovskite solar cells are recognized for its high efficiency compared to other existing solar cells of today. These solar cells are flexible and light and thus can potentially be applied in drones, building integrated and flexible device technology.

⑫ Brillion Photonics

Brillion Photonics is a company established to create an innovative ophthalmic medical equipment based on the technology developed by Professor Seokhyun Yoon’s research team from the medical college at Harvard University. By applying the brillouin scattering principle, it aspires to improve various diagnostic and surgical processes of disorders such as refractive surgery, cataract, and excessive myopia by developing a device that can instantly and precisely measure the stiffness and the viscoelastic property of the human eye without direct contact.

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