KAIST Startup팅 X MINDsLab

  • Date/Venue

    # February 24, 2021 (Wed.)  2:00 pm

    # Zoom – Online Live / Registered person will receive a text link to the lecture.

    • This lecture will be given in Korean.
    • Those who pre-register and attend the lecture will receive a Twosome Place Coffee Coupon.
  • Eligibility

    Currently enrolled & graduated KAIST students (Master’s and PhD also welcome)

  • Contacts

    • 031-739-7171,7173
    • startup_pangyo@kaist.ac.kr
  • 마인즈랩(MINDsLab)

    MINDsLab, Korea’s leading AI company, is the nation’s best and only AI expert organization.
    It is a comprehensive artificial intelligence company that provides integrated value from core algorithms to engines, platforms, and services.

    Even at this moment, we are leading the AI industry and catching trends to create innovative services that never existed in the world. MINDsLab is moving faster than anyone else to create a future of artificial intelligence, and it is always recruiting people to work together as an AI-specialized platform company with solid technology that is drawing attention from domestic AI industry-academic relations. The brain team finds and designs optimal ML/DL algorithms to study improvements to increase the performance of the learning model.

    As an AI Scientist, researchers are responsible for reading papers based on their mathematical abilities and developing innovative algorithms by implementing code on their own and modifying and implementing code based on them.

    We look forward to your application to lead the present and future of artificial intelligence together in the age of infinite possibilities of AI!