KAIST Startup-ting Preview Afterthoughts

We’ve never seen an event like this before.

We held a total of three KAIST Startup-ting Preview sessions with startup personnels in Pangyo and Daejeon.

What is KAIST Startup-ting? What was this event for? It was to gather startup personnels who expressed interests in participating in KAIST Startup-ting. Even if you missed the Preview events, you can still participate in KAIST Startup-ting.

Let’s now discuss what KAIST Startup-ting is about.

KAIST Startup-ting is a place for KAIST students and startups to freely discuss things they were curious about, and share information that are useful to each side. Startups and students also have an opportunity to create programs that benefit each other. It is Startup KAIST’s goal to create a co-existing environment and culture for startups and students. Startup KAIST supports students and opportunities to meet with startups at regional centers (Pangyo, Daejeon, Yangjae).

Startups need good people. However, the way they find the people they need is different from the usual recruiting methods. It’s not about career fairs and sports complexes. Startups also need to change – they must pursue different ways to gain interests and embrace their unique startup culture. From product release to recruiting, startups must highlight their strengths in order to gain attention.

Sometimes startups demonstrate their growth potentials through a combination of internship and mentorship (Men-ternship) instead of the usual company workshops or internship programs. Startups can unfold synergy with students when they can make connections to students’ interests (student clubs, field of studies, etc.).

In conclusion, startups need a different approach. That’s why we prepared KAIST Startup-ting. We hope that this is an opportunity for startups and talented individuals to meet and learn about each other. We anticipate and appreciate your interests. KAIST Startup-ting is currently accepting registration.