KAIST Startup-ting X Ghost Kitchen Comments

Our third KAIST Startup-ting was with Ghost Kitchen. Ghost Kitchen is a shared-kitchen startup. Shared kitchen startups are uncommon in Korea, but in the US, Union Kitchen and Kitchen Town are already leading the market. Jeongi Choi of Ghost Kitchen is a graduate of KAIST Department of Electrical Engineering. He has done 6 startups for the past 20 years including Ghost Kitchen. 2 as a founding member, and 3 as a directly founder. He has experienced many difficulties including business failure.

Prior to founding Ghost Kitchen, representative Choi served as IR Director of “Baemin” (배달의 민족). He was part of the IR department and was in charge of investment promotion and startup investment. As he did his work there, he found the potential behind restaurant business and thus started a shared kitchen startup.

Ghost Kitchen focuses on making a workplace for food service workers. Because the market for restaurants is huge and food delivery service is becoming more popular, there is huge potential in shared kitchens. Ghost Kitchen is currently developing not only a shared kitchen, but also food brands such as Tokyo Bapsang and Tokyo Curry, and food delivery service.

After the introduction, there was a serious discussion session with students about what motivates them to start a business. It provided students a chance to reflect upon themselves and question why they want to work and what kind of items they would like to sell.

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