KAIST Startup-ting X Mindlogic Summary

Our first KAIST Startup-ting was with Mindlogic, a company that deals with AI chatbots.

Mindlogic was founded by people who wish to create AI that they want to work with. AI technology will become more significant continue to advance as time goes by. Thus, Mindlogic wishes to create an audio-based AI chatbot that is able to converse emotionally.

Existing AI chatbots are classified according to their characteristics, but they are mainly task and text based. Chatbots, with human emotional dialogue, are still under development. Even Google has not been able to develop emotional chatbots yet. The chatbot that Mindlogic wants to develop is an emotional lover chatbot that feels similar to a real lover. Currently we have been conducting beta tests as a prototype testing session with a virtual male and female version.

Through the company’s introduction, we were able to see Mindlogic’s desire to develop services that can improve people’s loneliness through AI technology. The company’s vision and slogan is ‘people who want to make an AI that they want to talk to’. We look forward to the development of an emotional chatbot that deals with human feelings.

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