KAIST Startup팅 X 체커(CHEQUER)

2020년 September 17일/by MinHee Kim

‘2020 KAIST 온라인 기술이전설명회’

2020년 September 17일/by 심해리

[2020 Pre I-Corps] 예비창업팀 공모 “연구기술사업화 사전탐색으로 창업성공 GOGO!”

2020년 September 16일/by Kyoungho Min

JUNCTION x SEOUL (Online Hackathon)

2020년 September 14일/by Seung-ho Choi

2020년 마중 프로그램(마이크로소프트 협력) 창업도약패키지 지원사업 창업기업 모집

2020년 September 14일/by 심해리

세종 스마트시티 시범도시 아이디어 경진대회

2020년 September 14일/by 심해리

2020 September Ent. Lunch Talk : Miraeholdings Payton Kim “How to make your startup attractive to investors”

The first lunch talk in the second half of 2020 will begin with a lecture by Kim Pan-gun, CEO of the Miraeholdings. Due to COVID-19, Lunchtalk will be conducted online. Theme is, “How to make your startup attractive to investors” and this lunch talk will be held from 12:00 to 13:00 on September 18 (Friday) Those who pre-register and attend the lecture will receive a small gift. you can check more info in pre-register page.
2020년 September 7일/by 유진 김

제6회 부산 국제창업 아이디어 경진대회

2020년 September 4일/by 심해리

‘팀의 가능성과 열정’에 투자하는 프로그램 동창(同創, 함께할 동, 시작할 창) 2기를 모집

2020년 September 1일/by 심해리

청년이 청년을 이끄는 콘테스트 “청청콘”

2020년 August 31일/by 심해리

[KoEF] 주거 사무 통합형 창업지원사업 스타트업 둥지 4기 참가팀 모집

2020년 August 27일/by 심해리

STARTUP 오픈콜라보 이공이공」공모전

2020년 August 24일/by 심해리

[대전창조경제혁신센터] 드림벤처스타6기 지원사업 2차 추가모집

2020년 August 22일/by 심해리

2020 E*5 KAIST Program (2nd Half)

2020년 August 21일/by Seung-ho Choi

Introduction of 2020 16th E*5 KAIST (`20 Spring) award-winning team

Startup KAIST Youtube channel uploaded videos about 2020 16th E*5 KAIST (`20 Spring) award-winning team. In the award-winning team’s story, you may want to see this video.
2020년 August 11일/by 심해리

[Startup Interview] Developing solution to help keep the data related provisions focused on personal information protection “TOVDATA” Interview

Today we will meet TOVDATA, the winner of 2020 Spring E*5 KAIST! In the era of excess data, the National Assembly passed the Data 3 Act to protect personal privacy. TOVDATA develops a solution to help keep the data related provisions focused on personal information protection.
2020년 August 10일/by 심해리

16th E*5 KAIST (`20 Spring) – Online

Out of the 25 teams participating, 18 project teams were selected in the first mission. The selected teams then developed their ideas through each mission, which consisted of education, coaching, and evaluation by the mentors. Due to COVID-19, the 16th E*5 KAIST Program was conducted online, except for the final mission.
2020년 August 7일/by Seung-ho Choi

Startup-ting X Studio XID “Startup story of ProtoPie, a global startup with worldwide customers” Review

2020 Spring’s last Sartup-ting was hosted with Studio XID, better known as ProtoPie. Although the session was live streamed on Youtube due to COVID-19, over 140 people participated and it was a pleasant and enjoyable lecture! ProtoPie is a prototyping tool that helps designers and developers communicate.
2020년 August 3일/by 심해리
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