KAIST Student Startup Map v 1.0

Startup KAIST surveys current students and alumni to produce KAIST Startup Map on a regular basis. In 2019, we separated and faculty startups and student startups apart from the total Startup Map. Please use each map to help you visualize impact of KAIST members in the startup ecosystem.

There are a total of 32 companies including E*5 teams. There are 12 Software(Service) startups, which marks the highest industry proportion. Click on the logo to visit each company page. If you do not have a company homepage or information, please refer to the article.

If you want to register a company, please click add here at the bottom of the map.

Below is information about startups without web homepages.

① Elpist

Elpist develops blockchain-based currency exchange platform and provides consulting.

② iCaptain

iCaptain provides artificial intelligence-based grafting ship evacuation solution. In the event of a disaster, AI can be integrated with the iCaptain’s unique solution to direct the ship evacuation solution and the active evacuation route. Survival rate can be improved by 35% and reduce evacuation time to as low as 45% to minimize the damage.

③ Bingo

Bingo develops applications and services using blockchain.


Pettern solution provides a space where pets can rest comfortably and healthy throughout all four seasons, and provides healthcare services to recognize and manage obesity through weighing and body analysis.

⑤ ReDWit

It is an electronic research note system that utilizes blockchain to provide automatic point-of-view authentication and signature service with a picture of written records. It is a one-stop research note solution that introduces labeling and retrieval function using artificial intelligence (AI) for writing records, and secures security and reliability through blockchain network.

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