ISK Annual Report 2020

ISK Annual Report 2020

“Startup KAIST” is a movement to spread entrepreneurial culture on campus and build an ecosystem for supporting technology startups. We released an ISK annual report every year since 2016.

Startup KAIST News letter-March, 2021

2021 Spring semester has begun! Welcoming the new semester, Startup KAIST is conducting various programs such as Lunchtalk, StartupTing, startup support program E*5 KAIST, and E*5 Labstartup. Due to COVID-19, all programs will be held online and is subject to change depending on the situation. We hope the pandemic ends soon and the day we meet offline comes! Please look forward to and participate in the events this semester!

2020 E*5 KAIST Report

E*5 KAIST is a startup support program for KAIST students to provide practical training and commercialization of ideas and enhance entrepreneurship capabilities, leading to actual startups. Last year, due to COVID-19, the entire process of E*5 KAIST program was held online.

Startup KAIST News letter-January, 2021

Another year has come! Startup KAIST is preparing various programs to support and expand external and on-campus startups in 2021. Please look forward to and participate in upcoming programs! Check out the Startup KAIST Homepage for details on Startup KAIST programs.

Startup KAIST News letter-December, 2020

In 2020, all Startup KAIST programs were held online due to COVID-19. KAIST Tech Day and Lunch Talks were pre-recorded and conducted through Zoom Webina, and E*5 KAIST, E*5 LabStartup, and Startup-tings were held through Zoom for real-time communication with participants.
Business situation, job interview concept.

KVI(KAIST Venture Investment holdings) Recruitment Announcement

KVI is looking for people those who are working together. KVI invests in start-ups that solve social problems through innovative technologies. KVI is with various partners. We are working together to support the growth of our portfolio companies.