Recruiting 2018 Startup Clubs

Looking for 2018 KAIST Startup Clubs for the Advocation of Startup Culture On-Campus

We announce the plan for 2018 KAIST startup club recruitment that aims to support startup activities done by students in order to advocate entrepreneurship culture on-campus. We look forward to your participation.

March 5th, 2018

Head of Startup KAIST

A. Objective

  • Supporting the implementation of ideas in order to encourage startup activities and cultivating startup clubs that enable students to interact with each other and collaborate

B. Overview

  • Target: Clubs (teams) that possess a variety of ideas with the goal to advocate startup culture on-campus

※ For teams/clubs that wish to aim for idea commercialization, please refer to other programs (E*5 KAIST,  End-Run, etc.)

  • Provided Support: Helping people to implement a variety of ideas and and advocate non-profit startup culture
  • Support Scale: Approximately 5 startup clubs (project fee of 5 million won per team)

C. Registration

  • Registration Deadline: March 16th, 2018 (Fri)
  • Submission Method: Register at Startup KAIST Website (
  • Required Documents: Registration Form and Project Proposal Form (Refer to Enclosed Form)

D. Contact Information

  • Startup KAIST Jongseok Lee
  • Tel. 042-350-6491
  • E-mail.
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