Science Engineering Technology Cooperative Business Idea Contest

As a means of revitalizing the cooperative federation among scientists and technicians who bring innovation to science and technology and as a means of emphasizing the social value of this federation, The Ministry of  Science and ICT is proud to present the Science and Engineering Technology Cooperative Business Idea Contest (Science and Technology Specialized College Section) as follows.

Eligible Participants

Science and technology specialized college students and faculty members (team or individual)

※ Research teams that have connection to real-world based science/engineering human resource development business (National Research Foundation)

Contest Theme

Science Engineering Technology Cooperative Business Idea

  • Ideas related to bringing innovation through scientist and technician cooperation
  • Ideas that make science and technology public administration and research process more effective through cooperative federation
  • Cooperative startup ideas that increases the value of science and technology within the society

Contest Timeline and Description

Final rounds are held after the league tournament for each section

  • <Sectional League> Application Form Submission (September 12th 6PM)
  • <Sectional League> Document Evaluation (September 17th ~ September 21st)
  • <Sectional League> Interview (October 1st ~ October 5th)
  • <Finals> Final Evaluation (October 23rd)
  • <Finals> Result Announcement (October 30th)


Science and Technology Specialized College Section (League Preliminaries)

  • 15 teams that survive the preliminaries / each awarded 200,000 Korean won
  • 3 teams that enter final rounds / awarded IPads, etc.

Teams that make it to the finals receive prize money as well as a certificate

  • (Finals) Gold prize (1 team) 3 million won, silver prize (2 teams) each 2 million won, bronze prize (9 teams) each 500,000 Korean won
  • (Finals) Gold prize winner will be awarded a Minister prize from the Ministry of Information and Communication (according to plan)

Contact Information

  • Name of Institute
  • National Research Foundation
  • GIST
  • Office
  • Industry Corporation Promotion Team
  • Startup KAIST
  • Business Incubator Center
  • Entrepreneurship Center
  • Entrepreneurship Center
  • Tel
  • 042-869-6408
  • 042-350-6491
  • 062-721-2667
  • 053-785-1985
  • 052-217-1373
  • Email
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