Shenzhen & Hong Kong Startup Immersion Programme (SIP) 2019

Shenzhen-Hong Kong Startup Immersion Programme(SIP) 2019

What is SIP 2019?

•Shenzhen-Hong Kong Startup Immersion Programme(SIP) 2019 is a startup education program organized by Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It aims to foster partnership between local and international students and to develop a better understanding of the startup ecosystem prevalent in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
•Shenzhen, home to many large technological corporations such as Tencent, Huawei, and DJI, is known as China’s Silicon Valley. It is one of the most adequate places where entrepreneurs can evaluate their ideas and create products in an efficient and fast manner.

  • Program Name

    Shenzhen-Hong Kong Start-up Immersion Programme (SIP) 2019

  • Program Duration

    May 26th, 2019 ~ June 8th, 2019 (2 Weeks)

  • Program Location

    China (Shenzhen&HongKong)

  • Number of Selected Students

    Approximately 5 KAIST students (graduate students are able to apply for the program as well)

    * 60 students from HongKong PolyTechnic University and Shenzhen University, 10 people from cooperating institutions abroad

    (KAIST is considered to be one of  the cooperating institutions at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and thus T.O. of 5 students is allotted)

  • Program Description

    •Multi-cultural Entrepreneurship Education Sessions
    •Lean Startup Education Sessions based on Business Model Design and Business Plan
    •Training Sessions at Startups Located in Hong Kong
    •Visiting Leading Corporations Situated in Shenzhen, China
    •Exploring Incubators in Shenzhen and Hong Kong

  • Provided Support

    Program fee, stay, flight expenses, insurance, etc.

    (Visa and living expenses are not provided)

  • How to Apply

    Click on the link below and apply online by April 5th (Fri)

  • Contact Information

    Startup KAIST Researcher Jongseok Lee
    •T. 042-350-6491

※ For more information about the program, go to the link below refer to attachment)

Application Link:

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