Startup KAIST

Stop Thinking, Start Doing


Startup KAIST is the movement to fulfill the KAIST’s leadership role in developing national economic growth and quality jobs by catalyzing the startup renaissance. ISK’s mission is to define a successful model that works well for accelerating healthy tech startup ecosystem beyond KAIST. Through this we believe we can give a major impact for driving economic growth and creating value throughout Korea.

Create an entrepreneurial culture based on science and technology

Construct a growth ecosystem supporting all phases of the start-ups growth: Found-Grow-Collect (M&A etc.)-Retry

Discover globally-sustainable startups with immense potential and strengthen sustainability


Startup KAIST was officially launched on April 7th, 2014, with the slogan “Stop Thinking, Start Doing.” Startup KAIST is a movement led by KAIST for the revitalization of startups for the success of the national missions to create jobs and develop the engines of economic growth.

Startup KAIST has three objectives to complete: invigorating the entrepreneurial spirit on campus, establishing an ecosystem in which startups can thrive, and helping startups to go global. In order to achieve these goals, Startup KAIST has been providing members of the KAIST family with workspaces as well as training and practical programs. Many of the programs are designed to allow aspiring entrepreneurs to learn practical business skills and boost their entrepreneurial skills.

Over time, Startup KAIST programs have enriched aspiring entrepreneurs with hands-on experience, providing them with profound knowledge as they begin their voyage to success.