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  • 2016 Freshmen Startup Camp Recruit
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  • 2022-10-30 17:44:58
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2016 Freshmen Startup Camp Recruit

For the last 40 years, KAIST has been leading the nation’s science and technology industry by educating outstanding individuals, doing fundamental/application research, and cooperating with the industries.

Many alumni of KAIST have significantly contributed to the academia, research and development, and industries. 1% of our alumni have established corporations such as Naver, Nexon, and Neowiz and thereby taking the innovation of human society to another level.

This program seeks to enlighten the freshmen of KAIST with a new challenge of startup. Further, we would like to promote entrepreneurship within you as you will be leaders of next generation.



Prof. Lak-kyoung Song introduced to the Institute for Startup KAIST and its programs

Special Lecture

Prof. Steve Ahn gave a lecture on his startup story.

Senior`s Story

Senior students joined in sharing their entrepreneurial journey.

Team Project

Teams were assigned with current programs and found out some solutions.