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  • 2016 Green Challenge – KAIST team won the 3rd prize of concept category.
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  • 2022-10-30 17:45:29
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Sein Lee and Surim Kim, who are KAIST students, won the 3rd prize of concept category at the Green Challenge held at DTU on June 24, 2016. They got training session provided by Institute for Startup KAIST after being selected as representative participants.

Water Purifying and Water Transporting Drum with Pectin and Activated Carbon Filter / 이세린, 김수빈
Parking Efficiency in a Mixed Environment of Automated and Manual Vehicles Towards Greener Cities / 우수민, 최성진
Micro Hydro Power Plant on Himalaya / 김우식, 곽은희, 강동훈
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