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  • 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Camp
  • 창업원
  • 2022-10-30 17:53:26
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It was held from July 15th to 21, 2018 at Startup KAIST Studio, Republic of Korea.

This program was the fourth edition of the entrepreneurship camp organized by the Institute for Startup KAIST. (It hosted Global Entrepreneurial Energy Camp in 2015 and KAIST International Entrepreneurship Summit in 2016 with BizWorld.)

7 universities,23 young and smart students gathered here and produced a significant result in building international networks, improving their interpersonal skills, and learning essential concepts of entrepreneurship.

  • Date: From July 15th to 21th, 2018
  • Venue: Startup KAIST Studio, Republic of Korea
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  • Team Presentation
Aeolus: Air Quality Sensor Network and Prediction Platform Shintaro Kaiho, Florian Chlan, Antoine Goujon, Changhyo An, Bereket Kebede
Jobber: Job Matching Platform Fredrik Zander Kloster, Benoit Oriol, Cheuk Yin Kyle, Hye Ryeong Kim
RopAIR360: Crack Detection Using Drone and GPS Victor Boserup, Wei An Elijah Ang, Mathieu Joubrel, Kai Wang, Hyomyung Ryu
Cnct-zor: Logistics Traceable and Transparent Wajahat Tahir, Mads Rosenberg, Aurel Neff, Chehyun Kwak, Riri Kusumarani
LinkInWaste: Connecting Waste-Producers and Waste Seekers Francisco Tello, Melanie Gaillochet, Hee Un Park, Hajime Fujita, Zephania Mege