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In July of 2019, passionate students from ten colleges around the world gather at KAIST!

Startup KAIST has hosted summer Global Entrepreneurship Camp (GEC) since 2015 with partner universities. Shall we take a look at 2019 GEC Camp?

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2019 GEC, what was new?

This year’s camp was held July 7th ~ 13th in conjunction with summer semester course “Understanding Startup (KEI510)”. The camp was facilitated by one main coordinator, two facilitators, and two past participants from Denmark Technical University (DTU).

Who are the participants, and where are they from?

This year’s camp was attended by a total of 38 students, 12 of whom are participants of KEI510 class, and 26 students from 10 universities, including Tsinghua University (China), École Polytechnique (France), Technical University of Denmark, HKUST (Hong Kong), Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich -ETH Zurich, University of Waterloo (Canada), UNIST, GIST and KAIST.

In addition, students of 13 nations – Denmark, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Japan, China, Cameroon, Turkey, France, Philippines and South Korea – had time to network with each other.


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참여대학 및 인원분포

Tell me more about the program.


Camp program started on July 7th with the agenda and team assignment shown above, with an emphasis on lectures and team activities regarding entrepreneurship and startups.

Students had an opportunity to have hands-on experience in making, planning and selling like ‘Lemonade Stand’ experience, and also listened on special lectures by the Director of Startup KAIST, followed by final pitch session simulating demo investment. There was also time allotted for Korean Culture experience and trip to Jeonju Hanok Village.


So the camp was run in teams?

Yes, students formed teams on first day and proceeded through the entire camp.

There were a total of 6 teams of different universities and nationalities.

Now, shall we take a look at the teams’ ideas?


Who is the winner?

The judge panel for the final winner selection, which was held in form of mock investment, included Director Steve Ahn of Startup KAIST, Professor Jaewoo Kim, Professor Jinho Lee, Professor Choonghwan Lee, Professor Jeamin Koo, Wayne Siew, Philip Park, Sean Tan, and Kevin Kwon.

Team Virterior was the final winner.


What did the participating students think of the camp?

The overall satisfaction score of the camp was 4.4 points out of 5, which is considered to be an excellent score.

There was a high level of satisfaction expressed with the coordinator + facilitator operation, which was tried for the first time this year.

Students were asked to give feedback about the camp, and the answers will be reflected in the following camps.

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To all the 26 global entrepreneurs who participated this year!

We hope that Global Entrepreneurship Camp 2019 was a memorable and valuable experience, and hope it was a chance to meet life-long friends. We wish the best for you, and hope to see you again soon. Thank you for being patient with the the hectic schedule, and thank you for making the camp successful!

이제 정말 안녕! Good bye! さようなら! Farvel! 再见! Adieu! Selamat tinggal! Güle güle! Magandang bye! Xayr! Yaxsi! وداعا