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  • 2020 Spring LunchTalk Report
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Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk

Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk is a monthly entrepreneurship lecture program held during the semester to inspire entrepreneurship in KAIST. Due to COVID-19, 2020 Lunch Talk was held online and is available on Youtube Live!

April “To Survive in Harsh Korean Software Startup Field” – CHEQUER CEO InSeo Hwang

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One of the most important assets in a modern enterprise is data. Data is crucial to make important business decisions, because companies must collect and analyze countless data, regarding customer information, sales, and advertisements. While there are many solutions that collect, refine, analyze, and visualize data in the market, there is no general solution that can combine various solutions according to the situation. Even if the solution successfully integrates data collection, analysis, and visualization of data, data efficiency and productivity are very low due to the high level of security required for data and personal information leakage issues.

Additionally, most large companies have built their own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), BI (Business Intelligence), DI (Data Intelligence) platforms at astronomical costs, or integrated extremely expensive solutions in the market into their own internal systems. Thus, it became more difficult for startups and SMBs (Small Medium Business) to integrate and innovate data tasks at a reasonable cost.

CHEQUER develops and sells SQLGate, the No.1 database IDE for domestic customers. The company has a higher level of understanding and expertise in databases and the data industry than any Korean data company, and is rapidly growing in the global market.

The first online Lunch Talk of 2020 was held with CHEQUER’s CEO InSeo Hwang about “ How To Survive in Harsh Korean Software Startup Field” ????

May “Wise Startup Life” – Bluepoint Partners CEO Yongkwan Lee

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Bluepoint Partners, established in 2014, is a partnership-driven startup accelerator that invests in high-tech companies. Bluepoint Partner’s CEO Yong Kwan Lee, has exited from his previous semiconductor startup Plasmart, and established Bluepoint. Until last month, the company invested in 151 startups in fields of Internet of Things (IoT), robots, software, and bio, with an estimated corporate value of 1.3 trillion won. ‘Aron’ and ‘Tomocube’, one of the first companies to be invested, are considered as startups with the most advanced technology in the field. Last year, the medical device company ‘Speclipse’, which offers cancer diagnostic solution, was taken over by ‘CELL RETURN’, and ‘Polariant’, a startup which developed an indoor position tracking technology, was taken over by ‘Socar’.

The CEO of Bluepoint Partners Yong Kwan Lee gave a wonderful lecture for the May Lunch Talk. It was an insightful time to hear about Lee’s startup and exit experience ????

June (#1) “The Startup Dream of a Doctor” – Healcerion CEO Jeong-won Ryu

Watch June’s Lunch Talk (#1)

Healcerion is a company which developed a wireless portable ultrasound device called ‘SONON’ in 2014. SONON is the world’s first wireless portable ultrasound device that can connect to smartphones and tablets, and made high-end ultrasound devices that weigh over 100 kg used in hospitals portable. SONON only weighs 370 g and reduced existing bulky ultrasound devices to the size of our palms. Sonograms can be displayed by connecting SONON to smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Healcerion CEO Jeong-won Ryu, who successfully became a high-tech medical device-related venture business man from a doctor, gave a great lecture about “The Startup Dream of a Doctor” at the Healcerion Seoul headquarters ????

June (#2) “How We Redefine Productivity for the Future of Work” – SWIT CEO Juhwan Lee

Watch June’s Lunch Talk (#2)

Swit is a San Francisco-based startup that provides a team collaboration platform that combines team chat with task management. Since its official release in March 2019, the company has been growing rapidly, with about 2,000 client companies and 10,000 teams using the service. In February, the company won the “Growth Startup of the Year” award at Startup Grind’s 2020 Global Conference, the world’s largest startup community with over 4,000 startups from 133 countries participating.

The CEO of SWIT Juhwan Lee joined us for our special Lunch Talk in June ????

If you’re already using collaboration tools like Slack and Notion, how about using SWIT for the perfect collaboration experience? +_+

We were glad to spend insightful time with the speakers in the spring semester ????

Stay tuned for more Lunch Talks in the second half of the year!!