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  • 2022-10-30 21:50:24
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Today, we met again with 2019’s first Startup Ting startup, Mindlogic! After the first Startup Ting, Mindlogic recruited four interns, one of whom joined the company this summer. Last winter, they held another internship program and selected three interns, and one of them is now working at Mindlogic. Currently, Mindlogic provides a highly rated AI dating service in the Google Play Store and App store.

The Startup Ting focused on introducing Mindlogic and an internship information session, which was followed by a interactive Q&A session.

The Story of Mindlogic

Mindlogic was co-founded by co-CEOs Yongwoo Kim and Jinwook Kim. CEOs Yongwoo and Jinwook met at McKinsey&Company in the U.S., and 12 years later, they decided to start their own business in 2018 after returning to Korea. While wondering about what product to develop, Google had developed an AI reservation service called Duplex and they realized that the time for AIs to talk like humans has come. In addition, seeing people using the Spoon radio service during Thanksgiving, they saw that loneliness was a hot issue in England and international forums. That is how they decided to create a service where AIs talk like humans and help relieve loneliness. That’s how AI-boyfriend girlfriend was born.

In addition, Mindlogic received funding from Primer, PrimerSazze (in Silicon Valley), Strong Ventures (invested in Korbit, Danggeun Market). Mindlogic launched a beta service of a virtual soulmate AI chatbot this year, which can now be found in Google Play Store and App store. A user can upload a photo of his or her ideal type to create the virtual soulmate. When I tried the application, I felt like I was having a wider and more continuous conversation compared to existing AI chatbots like Gigagenie and Kakao Mini. Right now, Mindlogic is preparing a Japanese version of the service, and through continuous feedback the service is being upgraded with new features like uploading photos, chatting, dressing, giving heart balloons, influencer sections, selecting backgrounds, and lipsyncing, The service has a high rating on Google Play Store and App Store, with a Turns per session of 74-122. Mindlogic’s chatbot is a global lead in the chatbot industry, with a big gap from second place which is Amazon’s Alexa with a turns per session of 22.

AI boyfriend girlfriend service uses the three major AI technologies, and is being upgraded after market tests. The three major technologies are shown below.

① Natural Language Processing (NLP)- Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that interprets more than 90,000 intentions, Data Mining (DM) to support contextual dialogue, an independent Natural Language Generation (NLG) based on deep learning

② Text-to-Speech (TTS)- Provides various voices through real-rime speech synthesis, Natural speech synthesis using short voice data

③ Image Synthesis – Produces Zeroshot facial expression videos using idol-like AI faces without portrait rights and photos uploaded by users, creates full body images of various postures and clothing based on a single face photo (world’s first), and real-like talking faces through lipsync.

At the end of the lecture, participants interacted through an OX quiz about Mindlogic and AI. Mindlogic’s ultimate goal is to continue providing a soulmate service to lonely people and companies that need such services. Please refer to the image below for information about internship at Mindlogic. This year’s recruitment is over, but please look forward for next year.

Q&A and Discussion

in AI. There were a lot of questions asked directly, as well as in chat, but we will share a few memorable questions.

Q) What kind of skills do senior and junior members of the Vision project see while recruiting interns?

A) Interns do not do petty work under the senior member, but will be in charge of a project. There were many KAIST students at a level we can work with. Back-end development skills are not necessary.

Q) Do you have available positions for substitute military service?

A) We don’t have available positions yet, but it is expected to be available in June 2021.

Q) In the videos, the intonation and voice are still unnatural, so it’s hard to focus. I believe that nonverbal factors like sentiment have a significant effect on relations, and Humelo in Korea and Soul Machines from abroad have technology in that area. Do you have any plans to partner with such companies or focus on related technologies?

A) The main characteristic of voice technology is being real-time by reproducing the sentence in voice once it is created. We wanted to outsource, but there wasn’t any technology that we wanted so we are in the processing of developing the technology. We started this business when there was a need but not the technology, so we are constantly upgrading our shortcomings.

Q) Is there a special reason why Mindlogic’s turns per session is so high?

A) There are several factors like our high ability to identify impact, and upgraded model that creates NLG to process a lot of data. We believe it is high because we not only provide a chatbot service but also a comprehensive experience.

2020’s Fall Second Startup Ting was with Mindlogic, along with passionate participants who had high interest in artificial intelligence and the virtual soulmate service. It was time to share AI knowledge and learn more about Mindlogic.

Mindlogic’s internship program gives the experience of working at a small startup. Interns can participate as a member of project and see the service that they worked on being used in the market. In the future, Mindlogic will develop services beyond an AI chatbot for virtual soulmates so that they can be sed where they are needed. We hope Mindlogic becomes No.1 in the field of interactive artificial intelligence in the global market.

Thank you for joining us in our online Startup Ting. Stay tuned for the next Startup Ting ????