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  • 2020 KAIST Tech Day - Report
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  • 2022-10-30 21:52:08
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Startup KAIST holds TECH DAY to exhibit student and faculty startups to the world and create synergy through interaction. The 2020 TECH DAY event, the stage for KAIST’s future entrepreneurs who will lead the nation’s technology-based startups, was held online due to COVID-19.

Session 1 – ISK Forum(Speech)

Session 2 – Tech Demo (Student Startup)

Session 3 – Tech Demo (Faculty Startup)

Special Session – Online Demo Booth

Session 1 – ISK Forum(Speech)

The event started off with a welcoming speech by the director of ISK Steve Ahn, and Professor Je-Woo Kim, director of TECH DAY, followed by keynote speeches from CTO of Yu-Sung Chang and CEO of Vieworks Hooshik Kim. The keynote speeches were a great time to look at the startup eco-system and earn realistic insight.

CTO Yu-Sung Chang delivered a speech about “Shopping Reimagined” and how technology contributes to e-commerce.

Next, CEO Hooshik Kim gave a lecture on “Startup’s B2B sales” and explained the meaning and importance of sales to startups. It was a valuable time to gain insight about startup sales.

Despite COVID-19, the keynote speeches were meaningful, dealing both trends and practical areas that entrepreneurs must be aware of. We can’t wait to see which speakers will expand our minds at the 2021 Tech Day!

Session 2 – Tech Demo (Student Startup)

[Student Startups]

Neutune: Music search platform with a deep learning-based next generation music search technology

TOVDATA: Data Solution that supports legitimate use of personal information during data export

Dolbomdream: Integrated solution provider for people with developmental disabilities

Ant: Integrated research environment and open source platform for BT, NT

ASLEEP: Solutions for inducing day/night sleep through measurement of sleep patterns and personalized AI sleep analysis

Redwit: Blockchain-based research note system “GOONO”

In the afternoon, there were 9 teams doing their demo pitching.

To begin with, we were able to meet 6 student startups from KAIST. From teams dealing with core technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchains to personal information issues, integrated research environment creation, there were interesting business stories from various fields.

After the pitching of 6 teams, we invited manager Hyun Sun Seo of N15 as a modulator to talk to the 6 entrepreneurs and hold a Q&A session. It was a meaningful time to learn about their startup stories and items.

Session 3 – Tech Demo (Faculty Startup)

[Faculty Startups]

EasyEndo Surgical: Developing surgical robot systems

Il-Doo Kim Group: Fine particulate matter filter and membrane technology (mask)

Daim Research: Industrial AI based Smart Factory Solution Provider with robot collaboration service

The three faculty startups also commercialized their business ideas with AI and robotics, and it was a time to see how technology can change the world.

After the pitching of three companies, we invited three professors and had a Q&A session, where we could also learn about the companies’ visions and futures.

Special Session – Online Demo Booth

Although 2020 TECH DAY was held online due to COVID-19, Networking could not be missed out! Throughout the afternoon, 9 KAIST startup teams opened online booths. Each team booth showed the company’s introduction and attached a zoom link for real-time meetings. It was a special session where teams could communicate with each other despite being online.

2020 KAIST TECH DAY was held online, but we hope that in 2021, all startup related staff can meet face to face and create a network. We look forward to seeing you next year, and we will strive to expand the startup ecosystem centered on KAIST.