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  • 2020 KAIST Startup Awards - Report
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  • 2022-10-30 21:54:04
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In addition to programs that foster entrepreneurship and spread startup culture, KAIST has supported startup audition programs. Many startup teams were produced in 2020, and ‘2020 KAIST Startup Awards’ was held to select the best startup teams. Due to COVID-19, Startup KAIST could not provide the opportunity to attend CES. However, through the awards Startup KAIST discovered startup teams and plan to foster them as a unicorn company through continuous support.

Selection Process & Procedures

2020 KAIST Startup Awards was joined by 10 senior entrepreneurs, investors, and related specialists as evaluation committee members. The committee evaluated the 1st preliminary application round focusing on creativity, specificity, and business feasibility, and selected 11 teams. In the 2nd presentation round, the committee evaluated teams based on their startup passion, development and business capabilities, business feasibility, and excellence in commercialization plans, and selected 4 final teams.

Final Teams

At the 2020 KAIST Startup Awards, a total of four excellent teams were selected, including 1 Grand Prize, 1 Award of Excellence (2nd Prize), and 2 Awards of Excellence (3rd Prize). The Grand Prize winner was ‘Chequer’, a startup developing a data access control and audit trail SQL collaboration solution. 2nd Prize was given to SelectStar, and 3rd Prize was given to ‘QuantumCat’ and ‘Dolbomdream’. Congratulations to the final winners and we look forward to the success and future of the teams!