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  • 2021 Spring Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk Review!
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  • 2022-10-30 22:04:39
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2021 Spring Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk

Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk is a monthly entrepreneurship lecture program held during the semester to bring entrepreneurship spirit into the KAIST campus. The 2021 Spring Lunch Talk program was conducted online due to COVID-19. Enjoy Lunch Talk through YouTube real-time streaming!

March “Standing on the shoulders of AI Giants” – CEO Sung Kim of Upstage

All of those beginning to learn Deep Learning might have probably seen the YouTube channel ‘Deep Learning Zero to All’. The lecturer of this channel is Professor Sung Kim of HKUST, who has started the company Upstage!

Upstage is an ‘AI transformation startup’, which means that it helps other companies develop using AI technology.

The slogan of Upstage is ‘Making AI Beneficial”.

March’s Lunch Talk was by CEO Sung Kim of Upstage, who is creating AI for the world ????

April “Don’t ****ing wait. Or live long enough to be the villain” – CEO Hanbin Lee of Seoul Robotics

CEO Hanbin Lee (or Captain) established a LiDAR, the eye of a self-driving car, software startup ‘Seoul Robotics’.

Team Korea (the predecessor of Seoul Robotics) competed in the Udacity-DiDi Self-Driving Car Challenge held by Udacity, an American MOOC company, and DiDi Chuxing, a Chinese car sharing service company in 2017 and won 10th place among 2,000 teams around the world. Two weeks after the competition, the team decided to establish Seoul Robotics.

Seoul Robotics’ 3D vision software is compatible with sensors of 120 global LiDAR companies, and has been recognized for its technology and competitiveness, partnering with global companies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Qualcomm. Currently, Seoul Robotics has branches in the Silicon Valley, Detroit, U.S.A, and Munich, Germany, and is heading towards becoming a unicorn company in the mobility field. This was CEO Hanbin Lee of Seoul Robotics joining us for April’s Lunch Talk  ????

May “The Challenge to becoming a global AI company” – CEO Jung-Bae Kim of Alchera

Alchera is a startup in the AI video recognition field, established by researchers from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in 2016.

Alchera operates businesses by applying face recognition, visual anomaly detection (VADT) solution technologies to various fields such as augmented reality (AR), CCTV monitoring, and Fintech. In 2019, Alchera ranked 1st place among domestic companies at the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ????

Alchera has established about 56 million databases and registered 14 technology patents.

This was the May Lunch Talk lecture with CEO Jung-Bae Kim of Alchera, a technology startup servicing the core of Naver’s Metabus to Snow and Zepeto.

June “The problem is the problem: from problems to solve to problems to find” – CEO Jung-hee Ryu of FuturePlay

Watch June’s Lunch Talk

As a startup accelerator, FuturePlay has invested 44 billion won in 157 companies so far.

An ‘accelerator’ is a company that invests in startups in the earlier stage than venture capitals. It not only invests money, but provides management to support the growth of the company! Major companies of FuturePlay’s portfolio are the self-driving software startup ‘Seoul Robotics’, unlisted stock trading platform ‘Angel League’, and startup media ‘EO’. Major investors include the co-founder of Daum Taekkyung Lee, previous CCO of Nexon SangBum Kim, and representatives from LG Electronics, Naver, and Kakao.

CEO of FuturePlay Jung-hee Ryu, who is looking for startups that will solve and develop problems in society, joined us for June’s Lunch Talk ????

In the first half of the year, Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk was held online! We were delighted to have lecturers who gave us great insight.

Stay tuned for Lunch Talk that will return in Fall!