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  • Startup KAIST News letter-June, 2021
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In 2021, all Startup KAIST programs were held online and offline depending on the COVID-19 situation. In April, Startup KAIST welcomed the new director of ISK. We hope to meet students offline in the second half of the year ????

2021 E*5 KAIST

The challenge of students to startups continues in 2021. E*5 KAIST returns with the 18th season and was held online and offline in the midst of COVID-19. On June 4th, E*5 KAIST ended safely with the final mission round. The winners are as below.

[Grand Prize] GSD (Digital twin-based virtual data generation service for AI training)
[Award of Excellence (2nd)] PurestPure (Production of natural polymeric absorbent-based nontoxic feminine products)
[Award of Excellence (3rd)] Pluckup (Reusable product rental/pickup/cleaning circulation service for sustainable delivery food culture)
[Special Prize (Development Award)] Team 관리비책 (Korea’s first automated management fee system for small-scale apartments and housing/building data business)
Please participate and stay interested in the upcoming E*5 KAIST as well.
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2021 E*5Lab Startup

E*5 LabStartup is a lab-based startup audition program to verify and support research-based items with high potential for commercialization. This year, experts from Bluepoint Partners, an early startup accelerator, joined E*5 LabStartup. Please look forward to the E*5 LabStartup teams that will be selected in June and continue to work until November.

2021 Enterprenuership Lunch Talk

Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk introduces the startup stories of professionals in various fields and continues in 2021 Spring as well. From AI companies to VCs, one can see the different perspectives on startups. Due to COVID-19, Lunch Talks were held through Zoom. There were 4 Lunch Talks this semester, starting with Upstage in March to CEO Jung-hee Ryu of Futreplay in June. Stay tuned for the Lunch Talks in the fall semester!

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2021 KAIST Startup-ting

Startup-ting continues online in 2021 Spring. Through Zoom, companies and participants were able to meet and have active Q&A sessions. With the start of Minds Lab and Bagelcode in March, Upstage in April, and Market Kurly and Minds Lab in May, many companies joined us for Startup-ting.

>Spring Startup-ting Highlight Videos (Click on the company)

March - Minds Lab
March - Bagelcode
April - Upstage
May - Market Kurly
May - Minds Lab

BioKASS(Biotech KAIST Seminar Series)

Startup KAIST launched a new program called the Biotech KAIST Seminar Series (BioKASS) in 2021, where one can share knowledge and discuss about bio-ventures and new drug development. Students who are interested in learning or pursuing a career path in the bio field are currently participating in the program. The seminars are held monthly around 5~6 pm, and participants are randomly selected to provide meal coupons and an opportunity to visit the presenting companies. The seminar series will continue in the fall, so please stay interested and participate.

2021 Open Venture Lab Program

The Open Venture Lab Program which is a technology-based startup support program by the Technology Business Incubation Center (TBIC) recruited teams until March, finished the 2-month Pre-OVL process, and finally selected 9 Main-OVL teams. The main-OVL teams will receive awards, funding for prototypes, mentoring, consulting, and etc.

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KAIST Startup News

[E*5 KAIST 17th, CarillonLegalTech startup ‘Carillon’ receives seed investment from DSC Investment
[E*5 KAIST 15th, GrinderOperator of the brand curation commerce ‘Seasoning’, ‘Grinder’ attracts seed investment
[E*5 KAIST 14th, ReDWitElectronic Research Note ‘GOONO’ opens a renewed service
[E*5 KAIST 10th, CLASSUMCLASSUM launces ‘live lectures’… features customized for teaching such as attendance check and chat history
[E*5 KAIST 7th, Elice“Government support 90%”… Online coding education platform ‘Elice coding’ K-voucher recruitment for demand companies
[E*5 KAIST 4th,  NotaNota demonstrates AI traffic signal control in Pyeongtaek 
[End run 2016, The Wave TalkIoT sensor startup ‘The Wave Talk’ attracts investment of 2 billion from SK
[KAIST Faculty Startup, HITS“Diversity is necessary to improve the efficiency of new drug development”
[KAIST TIPS Startup, JOBIS & Villans3o3, general income tax report service begins
[KAIST TIPS Startup, CaredocSenior healthcare ‘Caredoc’ attracts 8 billion follow-up investment
[KAIST TIPS Startup, Standard EnergyA native startup develops and sells fire-resistant ESS
[KAIST TIPS Startup, Eta ElectronicsKAIST trio’s ‘real-life Samsan Tech’ … leads the innovation in wireless charging technology
[KAIST TIPS Startup, RevoSketchRevoSketch targets early diagonsis of incurable diseases through ‘digital PCR’
[KAIST TIPS Startup, AsleepImproving sleep disorders, ‘Alseep’ attracts 17.5 billion won from Kakao Ventures
[KAIST TIPS Startup, Sky LabsSkyLabs, a startup that measures heart rate with a ring, attracts 22.5 billion in investment
[KAIST TIPS Startup, GOPIZZAA pizza brand for 1 person, ‘GOPIZZA’ attracts investment in series B of 11 billion own from 5 institutions
[KAIST TIPS Startup, Block OdysseyBlock Odyssey attracts 2.8 billion in Free Series A invesment
[KAIST TIPS Startup, Habit FactoryHabit Factory services a car insurance comparison service ‘Signal Planner’
[KAIST TIPS Startup, Drama & Company] Drama & Company launches ‘Remember Survey’, a survey service for company managers
[Etc.] Promoting establishment of ‘KAIST Holdings’…Will it bring a stronger venture boom?
[Etc.] “Daedeok rapidly emerges as a new AI hub”···Over 100 startups

Special Article (2021 Startup Leader)

In April, Forbes magazine announced the ’30 Under 30 Asia 2021′. Out of the 15 CEOs of Korean youth startups included in the list, 6 leaders were entrepreneurs from KAIST and 3 teams were winning teams of the student startup program E*5 KAIST by Startup KAIST. For more details, please refer to the article below.
2021 Startup Leader(KAIST) 

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